Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Civil Strife Already Underway In Aftermath Of HealthControl Bill Imposition

If they hadn't imposed this HealthControl monstrosity, and certainly if they hadn't stubbornly insisted on the part that forces Americans to pay for all abortions for all motivations, then things might've been more peaceful.

But the Obamacrat Reich apparently doesn't want peace, any more than the "Palestinians" apparently want peace.  The Obamacracy would rather impose "peace", obviously.  But that's another story for another day.

Whatever's coming, the Obamacrat Reich has only itself to blame.  They'll try to blame others, but, hey, when one starts it, fully cognizant of the potential consequences (even while delusionally believing that, no, there won't be any), then one is to blame.  Just like Hitler et al were to blame for World War Two (of course, Hitler blamed everything on the Jooooos, just like many leftists today blame everything on same, as well as on Christians, conservatives, etc.).

The reportedly increasing radicalization, due to the HealthControl bill's imposition, of the pro-life movement is but one of the consequences.

The Obamacrat Reich has now pushed them too hard, too far.  So they'll be pushing back.  In what ways, I don't know, but I hope there won't be any violence, y'know, the kind of violence we see coming from Obamacracy supporters like the SEIU purpleshirts.  Granted, there may be an isolated, lone-wolf incident or two, but I hope the movement will stick to legal and social-activism tactics only, and continue to prove itself superior to the hard-leftwingnutcase activist (including some ultra-aggressive, deranged pro-babykilling) groups.

As for the article to which I linked above, there's something funny about it, in a macabre way.  It's the way the author treats the pro-life movement, thus suggesting that the site is actually one on the religious LEFT (y'know, like Obama's longtime pastor, the extreme radical Jeremiah Wright, who's definitely a religious leftist).  Calling the pro-life movement "anti-choice" is clearly a sign of "Progressive" Mental Disorder.  After all, being pro-life is to be pro-choice, because it allows EVERYONE the choice as to whether they'll live, as opposed to allowing others the "choice" as to whether to decide to take the life of another human being.  While it's arguable that the unborn cannot consciously choose, well, those who are already born, they can't yet consciously choose until they're older, and it's not just infants who are unable to make a rational, informed choice, such as the mentally-challenged, for example.  Which is why ALL must be protected by right-to-life legislation!  Being "pro-choice", in terms of the abortionists' agenda, is to be in favor of choosing to murder human beings just because they're wrongly, insanely deemed somehow-inhuman and inconvenient.  It's immoral and wrong to argue that killing the unborn will somehow "save a woman's life", because this puts society onto a slippery slope towards a society that may one day deem that women have a right to choose to murder their already-born children just because they're having trouble paying their bills, etc, or for some other reason of "inconvenience".  If society propagates such a hateful imperative, then brainless leftists will believe it.  Just as the German People believed the horrific stuff the Nazis told them about the Jews, and just as the "Palestinians" believe the horrific stuff the "Authority" tells them about the very same people.  It's precedented.  The masses can indeed be that easily-led-astray-to-darkness.

It's also bizarre that "pro-choice" folks tell us that we as a society have no right to choose whether to execute the most evil serial murderers out there.  It's disingenous and inconsistent.  Yet they tell us as a society that we're supposed to "choose" to allow individuals to "choose" to take human life, as long as that particular human life is as defined by the state?  This is purely, simply untenable!

No offence to conservatives who couldn't care one way or the other, but I believe that there's far more leftists than conservatives who aren't particularly opposed to abortion, though I do believe that real conservatives, whatever they think of abortion in general, will be royally pissed at the bill's forcing the taxpayers to pay for what's supposed to be "choice", ie. something one is allowed to do, as long as one pays for it oneself, not making others pay for it.

It's not really just about abortion.  It's about IMPOSING it on EVERYONE, FORCING EVERYONE to PAY FOR IT.  And the bill doesn't protect peoples' religious rights and liberties, doesn't allow doctors and other workers to remove themselves from anything to do with infanticide, and this is an unconstitutional imposition and is unacceptable.

It's the same as forcing people to conduct same-sex "marriage" ceremonies against their religious beliefs, or else become unemployed.  There's no requirement to accommodate!  Religious people should be accommodated, and tax dollars allocated towards this accommodation so that there will always be alternative folks with no moral objections available to provide relief.  But even the free-spending (with other peoples' money) Obamacracy wouldn't do this, proving their hatefulness!

These are examples of the Obamacracy's explosively-expanding agenda of tyranny and oppression against people they hate!

Of course, behind the scenes, Muslim doctors and clerics will be exempt, because the political-correctness people behind the curtain will ensure than only Christians will be inconvenienced, oppressed and tyrannized.  This is what I suggest to be the reality, more or less, not that there's necessarily a curtain per se.  After all, when's the last time we heard of a Muslim being forced to conduct a same-sex "marriage" ceremony against his/her religious will?  Would the gayfolk dare to impose that onto Muslims?  The gayfolk never, ever impose on Muslims, but only on Christians, one will find if one does diligent research of news and blog reports, or if one is a longtime watcher of such reporting.

In short, the HealthControl bill is a socialist monstrosity which will make it easier for the hard-left tyrants to tyrannize The People.

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