Saturday, March 20, 2010

UN, 'Planned Parenthood' Corrupting, Immoralizing Girl Scouts?

Since when has the Girl Scouts emphasized being "hot"???

Nice example of Hard-Left propaganda and corruption.  This time targeting the Girl Scouts and trying to get more girls to "fool around" and perhaps send more profitable business "Planned Parenthood"'s greedy way.

And there are questions as to whether the Girl Scouts organization itself is corrupt and working with the greedy, profitable abortion industry.
A witness who attended the 54th session of United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women has unleashed a firestorm of controversy after reporting copies of Planned Parenthood's teen-sex promoting guide, "Healthy, Happy and Hot," were provided for Girl Scouts in attendance.

The Girl Scouts organization, in turn, has issued a denial statement, distancing itself from any involvement in "family planning," despite clear evidence to the contrary. 

The brochure is quite extreme and propagandistic.  It reads as if it was written by professional perverts or pornographers or something. The language is soothing, uses phrases such as "human rights", making incorrect claims with respect to same (hey, human rights aren't recognized by totalitarian nations, so why make it sound as if they are?), and makes unfounded claims and makes all kinds of ultra-naughty stuff sound good and ok, especially to impressionable young girls who tend to believe whatever they're told by those they perceive to be legitimate authority figures.  The effects?  You figure it out.
Slater further told WND the brochures appeared again a few days later at a panel discussion for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, or WAGGGS, of which Girl Scouts of the USA is a member organization.

"I had team of 30 volunteers monitoring meetings, and I sent two volunteers to another event in the same building by WAGGGS, " Slater told WND. "The packets were on their table also; our volunteers picked up a copy." 

Obviously the Girl Scouts organization is aware of this and accepts the handout activity.  Otherwise they'd take it seriously and ban it, rather than, incredibly, denying knowledge.

Hmm.  Perhaps it's time to closely examine the people currently running girl scout organizations.  Never know when corrupt, crooked folks get in there.  All organizations are vulnerable to hidden-agenda corruptors within.

Do parents want their young daughters going to the Girl Scouts or Girl Guides and ending up turning into sluts?  Well, if the corruptors within the organizations get their way, this IS what will happen.  After all, when kids are told by supposedly legitimate organizations that something's "fun" and that they should try it for themselves, well, what does one expect?  They're usually going to go ahead.  Especially as peer pressure to conform and "be like everyone else" comes to bear upon them.

Oh, and, yes, more girls will get pregnant.  This is something that the greedy "Planned Parenthood" wants to happen, because it sends more business their way, ie. abortion.

Apparently there are also extreme ideologues out there who believe that it's somehow good to tell as many kids as possible that they should be fooling around.  Obviously, some folks believe that society should become one big orgy or something, to hell with traditional values.


joe six-pack said...

Sounds like Rome. About 20 centuries ago.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Say, weren't the Romans back then invaded by the Muslims, quite easily?

When everyone's busy with the Big Drunken Orgy, it's kind of hard to quickly stand up, pull yer pants up and grab yer sword and fight back...

Also hard to be aware of serious stuff when one's constantly consumed with worrying about when one'll get their next opportunity to "hook up", as they call it these days...

Anonymous said...

Gaëtan's Girls. Hmmmm
Merit badges. Hmmmm

Jim said...

WAGGGS was at the UN CSW meetings openly advocating for abortions.
They have posted activity of their delegates at the UN CSW meetings.
It goes way beyond the pamphlet.