Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coulter On Political Correctness

“Political correctness has nothing to do with offending people or not offending people. It is purely about power,”

-Ann Coulter, yesterday, in Canada

Oh, and she also said that the administrator of the University of Ottawa is guilty of hatred towards conservatives for emailing her a threatening letter about "hate".
"Now that the provost has instructed me on the criminal speech laws he apparently believes I have a proclivity (to break), despite knowing nothing about my speech, I see that he is guilty of promoting hatred against an identifiable group: conservatives,"
I agree.  And somebody ought to haul the university provost before the "Human Rights" Star Chambers for promoting hatred and contempt, and for hurting Ann Coulter's feelings and violating her human rights, eh!  Leftists are frequently hateful towards conservatives and Leftists don't hide their hatred very well.  So we've got to call 'em what they are; call the Leftists "hateful", so that people can know, because they're not hearing the truth from the Left, nor from the Big Media.

Of course, I've already called 'em that.  'Cause it's true.

Gotta fight Lefty fire with equivalent return fire.  Or else they'll turn our country into the friggin' Soviet Union...

Now, I wish the Ottawa Citizen would also discuss outspoken leftists as they discuss Ms. Coulter.  To read the article, one doesn't get a sense of balance.  One is left with the false impression that only conservatives make provocative speeches.  Of course, those of us in touch with reality and who use our brains properly, know that it's the Leftists who most frequently utter objectionable stuff about identifiable groups... and who get away with it, because most of Ms. Coulter's critics are themselves leftists who let other leftists off the hook.

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Jen said...

Will she like to work here; we need her right now to tell it as it is.

You see now why the media do want any outsiders who are of the 'right' into this country- they are afraid that they will lose ratings to her. Which is why daily criticism and hurtful words about the CPC are daily drummed into canadian peoples' minds.

Anonymous said...

If you can stomach it, check out the oh-so-tolerant comments in the Toronto Star today. According to the majority of them, free speech is not acceptable unless it pertains to their point of view.

Anonymous said...

C.S, Audrey II's name is from Little shop of horrors.


Canadian Sentinel said...

Ah... those leftists, soooo original, eh!

Anonymous said...

Cool. I didn't know how your blog msg. notification/reading is set up.. so I picked one off the radar.. I have two off topic links you may not have seen yet. I'll dig em up and drop them here in a bit.

Canadian Sentinel said...

If you comment via a Google account (real easy to get, no problem), you can choose to have followup comments emailed to you.

Anonymous said...

O.K. if you have not seen this, I am surprised, but this is worth a second look.


And now that you've seen the film, buy a t shirt (this is priceless)

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