Friday, March 12, 2010

Uh-Oh, It's Islamic Cartoon Time Again!

Another cartoon...

ht: NNW

Tarek Fatah weighs in, for the reformist-Muslim community (y'know, the much-talked-about-in-the-Big-Media "moderate Muslims" who usually remain faceless (oops- a pun!), because we, interestingly, rarely hear from them, as if most are terrified to speak out, or, alternatively, there just aren't very many "moderates" to be speaking out at all:
"It's quite appropriate, isn't it?" he said. "[Feminists] are willing to allow Muslim women to suffer that and then take the self-righteous attitude that we allow them choice.

"I think they should start wearing it and then figure out how does a woman make a choice to imprison herself. Who makes that choice? That person needs to see a doctor then."

In October, the congress publicly called on Canada to ban the wearing of masks, niqabs and burkas in all "public dealings."

"Not only is the wearing of a face mask a security hazard and has led to a number of bank heists in Canada and overseas, the burka or niqab are political symbols of Saudi-inspired Islamic extremism," reads the congress's statement.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about cartoons. And no one picked this up. I read the article and was just dumbfounded that the CBC made a VERY BIG POINT of broadcasting the cartoonist's real name. This is like the Far Side with the two bears in the hunter's crosshairs. One bear grinning sheepishly and pointing toward the other indicating that the hunter should shoot THAT bear.
I read through at least half of the comments and no one made mention of it. This should be a seriously angry WTF?! moment.

Kudos to a Justin Zinter who noticed the CBC video was propped and the woman wasn't really typing.
Also look at the voting on the comments. Conservatism is alive and well in Canada. I mean damn look at it. Congrats and I'm envious. ∞ ≠ ΓΈ ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

I remember that Far Side cartoon.

FYI, the CBC is essentially a state broadcaster, funded with confiscated tax monies, and it aggressively toes the Prog party line. When folks leave the CBC, many of them end up at Al-Jazeera, matter of fact.

At least its moonbattery is a tad more subtle, more nuanced, than that of MSNBC... But the mass-deception effect, unfortunately, goes further.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Also, I'm waiting to see whether one of those Soft Jihadis attempts to haul the CBC before the "Human Rights" Commission, like some asshole named Syed Soharwardy did it to Ezra Levant for publishing the infamous Danish MoToons. Oh, and MacLeans magazine and Mark Steyn were also jackbooted. But they, to the great shock of the Star Chamber Commissars, stood up and hollered "F.U.!!!". The HRCs backed off in terror at the prospect of expanding exposure and condemnation over their criminally unconstitutional actions. The soft jihadi Soharwardy also withdrew his complaint under massive and growing pressure and public condemnation. But he's now being sued by Levant for the hundred grand he cost him with the bogus complaint.

However, things have changed wrt the HRCs. Now they worry about ending up before the SCOC and having to answer for their criminal, unconstitutional, rights-trampling behavior. Indeed, the HRCs are in trouble, though not as much as we want 'em to be... and the bastards are still there. Wish the Conservatives in Ottawa would get more aggressive in either yanking their chain real hard or putting 'em out of their misery.

Even lots of otherwise-loony Progs agree that the HRCs are too fascist wrt freedom of expression.