Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shoe On Other Foot: COULTER Filing HR Complaint Against Leftist

This is exactly what I've been waiting for.

It's never conservatives who file "human rights" complaints with the "Human Rights" Commissions.  It's not as if the Liberal Fascists of those Star Chambers would even give us terrible rightie ogres the time of day, after all.

But this is sure to get attention... or not.

How can the Big Media resist talking about Ann Coulter?  What will they do with the news that she's filing a human rights complaint against a leftist university bigwig who was stupid enough to behave like a prejudiced bigot, assuming that, just because Ms. Coulter was a Christian and outspoken and all that, that she was planning to say some criminally horrible stuff?

Can you imagine a leftist university bigwig daring to send a warning letter to, say, Noam Chomsky, because Chomsky is notorious for his false and incendiary speech with respect to, amongst others, Israel?  Oh, no... leftists love the Chomster.  They WANT him to grace them with his exalted presence and utter horrible stuff about conservatives, free enterprise, America, Israel, etc... even though it'll offend many.

Well, there's NOW consequences for treating conservatives in a manner that hurts their feelings and makes them feel prejudged and persecuted.  The threatening letter sent to Ann Coulter clearly offended her and hurt her feelings, so is it any wonder she's going to haul the hateful university leftist guy before the Star Chamber?

This is priceless.  Going to be one helluva show... and she's doing us a MASSIVE FAVOR in doing this.  After all, the "Human Rights" commissions are actually tyrannical, and they discriminate.  They target only certain identifiable groups and they take their rights away.  Yet, though they've been exposed via the online media, the Big Media (print, TV, etc.) refuses to talk about how horrible those Star Chamber commissars really are.  The federal government also refuses to do anything about it, either.  It's shameful.  But it's wonderful that an American is coming to help us, isn't it?  Let's welcome our friend and whatever help she offers!

Fight fire with equal fire.  Use the fascists' weapons right back against them.

This is what needs to be done.  No longer shall the Hard Left have a monopoly on intimidating ideological opponents, etc.

Hopefully the end result will be the abolition of the Liberal-Fascist "human rights" commissions.  One day, there will no longer be Star Chambers who trample upon our human and Charter rights and freedoms!

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Watcher said...

Very good. Its worth it just to watch HRC heads explode reading the complaint. Thanks Ann!