Monday, March 29, 2010

Leftist Sportswriter Launches Hypocritical Attack On Palin, Tea Party

Story here.
New York sportswriter Mike Lupica Monday went on a full-frontal assault of Tea Party members, Sarah Palin, and every American currently voicing dissent about the direction of the nation.


Alas, folks like Lupica and others in the media currently carping about what they see as hate speech not only have conveniently forgotten what happened just a few years ago, but also don't realize that it was their Bush Derangement Syndrome that fostered much of the Right's response to Obama.

Having watched Bush get viciously attacked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it became apparent that vitriolic demonstrations against the White House and its policies -- regardless of how vulgar and inflammatory -- are now totally acceptable.

As such, what's happening around America today is partially a predictable reaction to years of vile anti-Bush protests not just from citizens but also those that call themselves journalists.
I saw this coming, years ago.  I knew that those anti-Bush nutcases would, when the shoe came to be on the other foot, pretend they never did all that crazy-crap propaganda with respect to Bush, and proceed to point fingers and make largely unfounded accusations against the "other side" when convenient.  This is exactly what I see going on.  Most of the sensational, headline-making accusations made by those who support the Obamacrats have been unsubstantiated by observable evidence.

Remember the appalling, uncivil, insane behavior of the anti-Bush, pro-Democrat, currently-pro-Obama folks?  Here's a refresher, with a content advisory (not safe for work!).

Hypocrites.  Wacky Progs.  Eh!

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