Friday, March 12, 2010

More Canadians Conservative; Few Are Leftist: Poll

 Happycat sez:
"I can haz Harpurrr!"

Shattering Media of Mass Deception/"progressive" myths...
“They are not overwhelmingly Conservative but it is shifting in that direction—that the private sector should be given a crack at solving issues and problems before we turn to the government,” said Turcotte.

In reality, few identify outright as on the left.


The pollsters concluded that the Conservatives “currently own the political centre,” said Turcotte.

He said it is a “surprising shift” from five elections ago, when 41 per cent of self-described centrists voted Liberal. In 2008, 47 per cent of centrists voted Conservative.

Poor, poor, pitiful Liberals.  They still believe that neo-communism is the way to go.  They continue to propose big-government, "progressive", deficit-ballooning, tax-hiking projects such as socialized, government-monopolized/regulated "daycare", keeping the useless gun registry, etc., etc... and basically doing whatever the reviled Obamacrats are doing.  The Liberals are hardly any better than the impossible-to-get-elected NDP or even the hardcore-big-C-Communist-led Bloc.

Let it be therefore declared:  Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are in touch with Mainstream Canadiana, and "own the political center", as it were.

Back to the drawing board, ye Liberals.  First, dump the anachronistic Peter Donolo...  And your anachronistic party constitution as well and rebuild the whole thing from the grassroots up.  Or stay in the proverbial political wilderness forever.

Michael Ignatieff?  Well, it's all Iffy at this point.  Will he see the light and shake off the intelligence-destroying brainwashing he received while in the Liberal Party?

"Wai iz Happeecat not happee wid mee?"

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