Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grassroots Liberals Endorse Carbon Tax

It was brought up by some Liberal Establishment Elitist Bigwigs.

Carbon tax.  The unpopular tax on everything that helped guarantee last election's Liberal defeat.  (ht: NNW)
"You’re going to monetize carbon one way or another," said former Westcoast Energy CEO Michael Phelps.

Liberals across the country — who were watching and listening online, in 53 town hall sessions and in their own basements — chimed in with support for the idea through Twitter and the chat feed on the Liberal conference website.

Scary.  Grassroots Liberals are clearly extremists.
When Phelps praised a carbon tax, stephen f gordon, a university economist from Quebec City, tweeted: "Phelps is my hero. (...)"

OMG...  These people don't understand what they're talking about.  There's clearly something not-right in their heads!

This presents a problem for Michael Ignatieff.  He doesn't want to "go there", he says, by running on the carbon tax platform in the next election.

But grassroots Liberals want him to.

What a fix.  What to do, now?  Be a dictator like Chretien, or abandon his principles and intellect... yet again, like some... common politician?

Poor Iggy.  Probably didn't think it'd be so hard to be Liberal "leader".

I wonder when his second thoughts about the Liberal Party and its membership will come, if they haven't already?  I mean, surely a guy like Egghead Iggy can see how lazy-minded those Liberal members tend to be.  Does he want to have to babysit them?

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