Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chinese Military's Weak Link

Unqualified workers making defective military-equipment parts.

Typical Chinese Communist Party corruption and greed.

They, the Chinese Communist Party, doesn't do Communism right.  Nor do they do capitalism right.  Consequently they can't do military stuff right, either.  Clearly their overwhelming philia for the Almighty Buck will ultimately prove one of the seeds of their undoing, even if they one day believe they're ready to "take over the world" and actually attempt to do so (it's not a secret that they do wish to do so, based on their racial-supremacist, imperialist delusions).  The astonishing corruption and greed are their Achilles Heel.  And they'll never learn, will never improve.  Corruption and greed, for evil folks, are always their undoing.  Karma is karma.
The No.8 plant of AVIC (Aviation Industries of China) Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC) is a state-run aviation parts manufacturer with a 60-year history, producing parts for both military and civilian aviation.

AVICSAC former employee Ma Ming told The Epoch Times that beginning in the latter part of 2007, former plant manager Yang Yongying began subcontracting the production of parts for J-8 (Jian-8; NATO reporting name Finback) and J-8II, one of the most advanced all-weather interceptors in China, to eight private workshops to increase profits.

According to Ma, workers in those private workshops have no qualifications, training, or vocational certificates, or even basic technical knowledge. As a result, several serious accidents have occurred. However, workshop owners used payoffs to silence reports on those accidents, and Ma believes many aircraft equipped with such parts are in danger. 
Eh... the J-8s are actually derivatives of the antique MiG-21 Fishbed, rather quite obsolete now, despite the upgrades made thereto.  It's telling that China cannot develop a state-of-the-art, current-generation interceptor/fighter on its own.  Hell, it looks a LOT like the then-groundbreaking Fifties Avro Arrow of Canada, which, due to bizarre political reasons, never entered production.

Hey, Chinese Communist Party...  BURN!


Anonymous said...

"former plant manager Yang Yongying began subcontracting the production of parts for J-8 (Jian-8; NATO reporting name Finback) and J-8II....."
What balls! A budding capatalist!
Where do you think the poor bugger is now? He was obviously star crossed. His ying and yang were mixed up. I have no comment about his yong however.

C.S. is right, those things are old. J-8s are early mid 60's design and J811s about 1985. The Chinese are refitting 811s with new weapons where the center fuel tank was.

I think they're literally flying these things until they drop. Life is cheap there so what do they care. Plus the 811s have the range of a kite since the refit. I'll bet one or two have been a few yards short of the runway.

Now if the fellow's name was Ying Yongyang perhaps he wouldn't have taken the hit. From the sounds of the article, capatalism is alive and well in China. But Hu's on first now so if you lead, prepare to get picked off. ∞ ≠ ΓΈ ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

I believe that capitalism isn't really capitalism if the state has too much say in how the capital is used.

Even in this case, the state's fingerprints were still all over it.

All the corruption, being so widespread... if the CCP really didn't tolerate it, I doubt it'd be so widespread. Intolerance of corruption obviously isn't something big for the CCP, as we know the CCP isn't above torturing people for any reason. If they were in the habit of torturing corrupt CCPers, then there wouldn't be the rampant corruption we see.

True capitalism is the sort that occurs with little or no state interference. Hard to achieve that anywhere, given regulations, etc. But in China, is capitalism really capitalism when one knows that the state can, at any time, exert as much of whatever interference it wants? Nope.

Rule of law is also absent, especially if one is a CCP member. The CCP won't punish its own for everything, as long as the "crime" serves the interests of the CCP, ie. making as much money as possible.

It's all a mess in China. 70 million have left the CCP. There's big protests all the time, everywhere, without the consent of the CCP. And I read something, I believe, on Bloomberg, to the effect that China, due to financial shellgames, might actually be flirting with bankruptcy. They do, after all, blow a LOT of money on their international espionage and interference operations, with agents pretty much everywhere. Report once indicated a thousand CCP spies are in Canada. Probably more.