Friday, March 26, 2010

See? Obama's A Communist

Communism is as communism does.

Now that they've imposed ObamaHealthControl, they're going after the mortgage-lending sector with their velvet-gloved iron fists.

Communism is as communism does.

And Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama, the (Kenyan?... Pending release of REAL birth certificate-American) International Man of Mystery does communism.  Just see for yourself.  Open your eyes...

Count on it... they're looking at everything.  They're on a Khruschevian shopping spree as long as they've got power and opportunity.  They realize that they may well not be in power in America forever, so they're doing whatever they can while they're there.

The Obamacrats are looking at ways to impose, tyranically, on the business sector, forcing them to do the bidding of neo-communism.

Ultimately, of course, this will prove devastating for America.  And this is a BAD thing.

The economic indicators are continuing to prove devastatingly negative in America, as compared to "extreme" (the Big Media's words) Conservative-ruled Canada, which is doing quite damn well, thanks.  What an unforeseen turnaround... even for Yours Truly!   Damn... I used to live in "Soviet Canuckistan", but now I, living in Canada, look and see to the south, something I never foresaw.... the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Obamerica...  I feel badly for my American friends...

Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  
A  shining example to follow for the future of America, at least compared to the likes of the folks the Yankees currently have oppressing and tyrannizing them with all that neo-communist bullshit...

Eh.  In Canada, we're on the cusp of balanced budgets.  Could come as early as next month, or so.  Avoiding Obammunism, notwithstanding the "stimulus" spending (which might be partially an illusion... stay tuned), Canada, under Conservative rule, is actually experiencing an economic rebound, an employment rebound, a tax-revenue rebound, an auto-sector comeback (PLUS!!!), etc...

So how's that "Hope 'n' Change" thingy workin' out for y'all, my American friends?  Miss Bush yet?


Balbulican said...

If Obama's a communist, Scenty - why are US taxes lower now than they were under George Bush?

Canadian Sentinel said...

LOL- You're funny! :b

Jen said...

Communism is a new adventure for most people in North America except for those who have lived through the Communist regime.

North Americans are like children, inquisitive to know or taste what's before them disregarding its danger. When they do experience the danger they try their best to avoid it.

Well, same with communism. people who never went through it want to know what it feels and taste like. And from there, they will determine whether or not they want to live with it.
When you are hungry, you restore to desparate measure-this attracts communists, dictators to use them for votes for bread.
In other words: I will give you your bread provided that you vote for me.

Hugo Chavez is doing exactly that.

Canadian Sentinel said...

You're totally right, Jen.

Wonder if Balbulican knows what communism feels like? I seriously doubt it. I seriously doubt he'd listen with an open mind to anyone who's suffered under communism.

Communism isn't just about taxes, or social programs and that stuff. It's necessarily also about the supremacy of the state over the people. And this supremacy is incompatible with fundamental human rights, not that most Leftists will admit this, preferring doublethink and dishonest propaganda to admission of undeniable truth.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Living under communism is like living at home, provided for and directed by one's parents, etc. There's benefits, yes, but not necessarily much liberty.

But under communism, the government doesn't love you, doesn't care about you. It just tells you what to do, what not to do, shut up, obey, pay taxes, stand in line for healthcare, etc. Sometimes they cannot provide any, however, forcing people to wait as long as the government deems. The long-term danger of things like preventable death is very real. It's also cruel and evil to say we're forbidden to take control of our own bodies, health, and lives in our own country, that we can leave our own country for that, not that everyone is able to do that.

Really, socialism/communism is incompatible with equality, too.

Balbulican said... were unaware that taxes under Obama were lower? You actually didn't know that?

You might want to actually check your facts once in a while.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I see you provide no proof... Got proof? I'd LOVE to see some!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Obama... cut taxes? Funny, but I've heard nothing of the sort.

It's news to me. Love to see a list of all the taxes he cut.

Anonymous said...

What crap Blah Blah again. For C.S. readers here is a Wall St. Journal article which does well to cut through some of the BlowBama B.S.
Obama is playing the game of wealth redistribution while simultaneously running unprecedented budget overruns. The fundamental economics of it is that he is destroying America. He drains the wealthy and gives to the lazy in exchange for political support. There are no residual assets. As Bush tax cuts expire, business will be further stressed by new taxes and begin to fail, lending themselves to government takeover. He engages in expensive programs which will bankrupt government unless the rich further drain themselves in attempt to save their crumbling democracy. The process is accelerated by monetizing debt. Obama wants America to fall. The posted article was printed before the passage of the redistribution health care bill. Here 1/6 of America’s economy will be tapped 4 years before any bill benefits are felt (with the exception of assisting children with preexisting conditions). Another part of the strategy is to keep a large % of the troops in theater while failing to fully accomplish anything. He pulls out of Iraq before stabilization is complete and simultaneously ensures that Iran is unmolested while building a nuclear arsenal. This puts Israel in an untenable position. Obama wants Israel to fall. His goal is for all of this to happen, or be inevitable, as he departs the office of the presidency in 2012.
(I think he will attempt to carve out a fiefdom with Chicago as a base or move to Kenya and grow poppies and coca.) ∞ ≠ ΓΈ ☺

Anonymous said...

P.S. Yes, I miss Bush. I miss Reagan more.