Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liberal Hypocrisy! Ignatieff Prorogues Self From Parliament!

 Liberal "Leader" Michael Ignatieff
Oh, no, see, proroguation is ok for myself, as I'm a Librano... *ahem!*  Liberal...  And, listen, you little nobody, I advise you to not go against the family...

Story here.

Priceless.  Ignatieff strutted and fretted his hour upon the public stage about how important it is for MPs to be in Parliament and do their job.

Now that Parliament is sitting again, well, where the hell is Michael Ignatieff?!

What a poseur-hoser!  

("Hoser", in Iggy's case, is the American meaning of the word, ie. a deceptive person or a swindler, not the Canadian meaning, of couse, as, after all, Iggy's, by infamous self-admission, more American than Canadian!)

He also did say that he's "horribly arrogant"...


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Anonymous said...

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. -Saul Alinsky

I would add, in high school, or when dealing with the weak minded.

So, does that thing in his lapel squirt, or.. or... Damn that is one ugly tie!
I have not seen Pignatieff yet, nor Ignoramus.

Anagrams for Ignatieff: Fine Fagit, Giant Fife, A fine gift.
“The giant fife skipped parliament today, that’s a fine gift.”

Add Michael for these gems:
Mini ethical gaffe, Fine magical thief, Fecal aiming thief, Filth image finance, Fie! A cheating MILF, Emit a chaffing lie,...
A flaming ice thief.
Now that’s Too Much Fun!
∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

Those anagrams are priceless....

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, by the way, that's a poppy on his lapel. Canadians wear them to honor the valorous warriors on Remembrance Day, Nov. 11.

Don't worry; it's ok if you didn't know. It's more a Canadian thing.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME GAFFE on my part. Well, next time you come down here and pass through a small town and see a bunch of yellow ribbons on the fences and trees, don't say, "What the hell are all these stupid ribbons for?"

But you knew better.

I saw the fellow behind him wearing one too. But did that stop me? Nope. Sometimes I do get carried away. Thanks for not lighting me up.

Canadian Sentinel said...

No biggie, eh... :)

Actually, we've been using the yellow ribbons, too.

Many of which have both the Canuck and Yankee flag on them...

Many are magnets which people have placed upon their vehicles' sheetmetal. The proceeds from the sales go to veterans and families of veterans.

We up here watch more American tv than Canadian tv, actually, so we know a lot more about the US than Americans do about Canada (there's not much Canadian TV to be seen, so no surprise). It doesn't "hurt our culture", but the Left up here is so paranoid that it will, that it's insanely protectionist wrt our domestic networks and such, even though our own industry is but a drop in the bucket of what's on the channel roster.

As a result of this "Canadian-Content" tyranny, there's not very much of THAT to see on our channels. People don't generally really want to watch cultural stuff as entertainment, so, ironically, Canadian networks must buy and show American shows just to survive!

Anonymous said...

You can watch your dog run away,
and out here it can take 3 days
I’ve heard every joke
I’ve heard every word you say

You think there’s not a lot goin’ on
but look closer C.S. you’re so wrong....

Couldn't resist.☺