Monday, March 22, 2010

A Date That Will Live In Infamy

The Obamacrats have chosen to impose something massive and monstrous upon the American People who overwhelmingly reject it.

The Obamacrats have chosen the path of tyranny.
Slowly but surely medical doctors will become civil servants (and those who don’t will leave the profession), rationing boards (or death panels if you prefer) will decide who gets care and who doesn’t, hospitals will become like the DMV, and quality of care will suffer.

Government healthcare kills so it is axiomatic that the legislation approved Sunday will end up killing people. In a sense March 21, 2010, may end up rivaling Sept. 11, 2001, in terms of its ultimate death toll.

People will get on waiting lists and they will languish and die as they do in every country that has socialized medicine. If you get sick you better hope your illness is considered politically important enough to be treated or you won’t get treatment. If your disease has a strong enough lobby in Congress, then maybe you’ll live. If not, tough luck.

Unless by some miracle this abominable legislation is reversed, historians will mark March 21, 2010, as the date on which America’s slide into impotence and irrelevance began as it prepared to take its place among the social(ist) democracies of Europe.

...and that is NOT hyperbole.  It's the real-world, observed truth.

What Obama and the Democrats have done... will lead to more harm than good.

How dare the Obamacrats take away peoples' rights and dare to tyrannize them... including to death via suffering, thanks to their new inability to get help when they need it?

Oh, yeah, suuuuure.  Now everyone will suffer and die, more or less equallyUnless they're members of the Establishment Elite, of course.  Like the Obamacrats and all who are on their side. The Elitists will get healthcare first, with no delay.  And it'll be the best.  As for the rest, well, they'll have to stand in line and wait... like in Soviet Russia.

Why impose a mandatory one-size-fits-all policy onto everyone?  Why not just strengthen the part of the system for those who can't afford the insurance?  Why impose on everyone?  Why destroy liberty?  Why shit upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

How dare the Obamacrats take away peoples' right to choose what to do with their own bodies... except, of course, to murder the unborn, on the taxpayers' dime?

Expect problems.  Big problems.  As we speak, I believe the lawsuits are being filed.

Don't be surprised if, one day, it's repealed.  The People will support draconian measures to repeal that which they already made it clear, en masse and in the majority, that they absolutely opposed.

The "Democrats" proved that they're "democrats" in name only.

And just wait a few months.  Just watch those who voted for this tyranny be kicked out of Washington.  And then watch Obama get kicked out of the White House in 2012.

The rage of the American People cannot be underestimated.


And the Giant, having been trod upon so rudely... is pissed.


Balbulican said...

"The Obamacrats have chosen to impose something massive and monstrous upon the American People who overwhelmingly reject it."

What a strange idea you have about democracy.

The American People elected Obama, who declared for a year prior to his election that an even stronger version of health care reform was his priority.

The American People have elected a majority of Democrats. That's why the bill passed.

Time to wake up, Scenty. David Frum, who was George Bush's speechwriter, said last night what I said to you six months ago: by following the wacko Teabagger fringe, the Republicans have lost, lost, lost.

I personally encourage you to keep up the level of hysteria. It certainly helps us communist homonaziislamofascists as we struggle toward world domination.

D.A. said...
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D.A. said...
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D.A. said...

Hey Balbulican, why don't you do a little reading and find out it was people with your tyrannical opinion about democracy that killed Socrates. Obama lied to his people. He ran as a centerist. He campaigned that he would restore the economy. However, not only in the last year has he pretty much ignored job creation, he supported two stimulus bills that have have done nothing to stimulate the economy (and cripple the US with debt), and he passed an unwanted healthcare bill that will put the final bullet in the US economy and make sure that government reduces the freedom of its citizens through goverment health regulation. And just wait until they begin rationing health care to the elderly just like they did to my father, who was a victim of that up here in Canada.

Jen said...

He promised to dicuss the 'healthcare reform' on C-SPAN, but never did; now that the bill has passed the public who once gathered from Obama's speech 'that the wealthy will be paying for the 'little guy' so to some american folks they need not worry because the likes of the OPHRA Winfreys, Trumps, hollywood stars, big businesses, big newsmediaS will pay for the little guy's medical bills.

So americans why bother to work when 'freeness' is there for the take, that is, if they "freeness' is still there or have gone elsewhere.

The medias are the ones I blame the most for keeping OBAMA's secrets well hidden from the public-now it is 'payback time for the media.

Balbulican said...

"Hey Balbulican, why don't you do a little reading and find out it was people with your tyrannical opinion about democracy that killed Socrates."

What a fascinating comment. Do elaborate.

Or, if you wish, explain to me how implenting a bill you promised during your campaign, having won majorities in both houses AND the presidency, is anti-democratic.

When Obama was elected, the more extreme right wingers immediately declared his presidency "the worst ever" and declared their specific intention of ensuring that his presidency would fail.

That's why I'm chuckling today. You've failed. And all the sulky tantrums in the world won't change that.

Balbulican said...

Here are Frum's exactly words:

"I’ve been on a soapbox for months now about the harm that our overheated talk is doing to us. We followed the most radical voices in the party and the movement, and they led us to abject and irreversible defeat."

His essay is called "Waterloo". He was, as you may remember, one of George Bush's key speechwriters, and invented the phrase "Axis of Evil" that Scenty loves so much.

Anonymous said...


Do you really think that current opposition to Obama consists exclusively or mostly of people who supported Bush?
Obama won because he proposed change, people looked at change and they are not amused.

Anonymous said...

To Cabalican.
You can go back to your Muslim / Islamist sorting now. I can't wait for one to go off in your hand. ∞ ≠ ø ☺

Balbulican said...

"Do you really think that current opposition to Obama consists exclusively or mostly of people who supported Bush? Obama won because he proposed change, people looked at change and they are not amused."

Anon: I think opposition to Obama runs through a very wide range that includes:
- thoughtful people who oppose many, some or all of Obama's policy initiatives because they disagree with the political,economic or social assumptions they embody;
- people who reflexively reject any and every aspect of the Obama presidency.

Many Republicans and some Democrats are the first category.In fact, unless you're an idiot, Republican OR Democrat, you'll oppose some of Obama's initiatives. I certainly do.

My comments, like David Frum's, are addressed to the people who have simply stopped any rational discussion of policy, have decide that Obama is Hitler/Stalin/the Antichrist, and will lie or engage in the most hysterical excesses imaginable to cause his Presidency to fail.

These people see themselves as "revolutionary". They are not. They are like small children in the middle of an extended tantrum. They have rendered themselves irrelevant.

They are by and large too dumb to figure that out, and we will hear a lot over the next few days from them about "Renewing The Battle" and "Restoring Our Beloved Republic" and yada yada yada. Frum's point is that in order to survive, the Republican Party is going to have to abandon its lunatic fringe and re-enter the dialogue; this infantile strategy of demonization and NO DEALS will doom them.

Here's the link: it's an excellent essay from someone who actually understands how real politics work. Whether or not you agree, it makes excellent reading.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Balbulican can spin all he wants.

But he's dreaming of utopia, so...

Anyway, do watch the headlines at Drudge. This thing isn't over. Not at all.

That battle, it's said, was lost. But the war continues.

As for democracy, Obama never promised to force all taxpayers to pay for abortion on demand (there sure won't be any rationing of abortion, as opposed to lifesaving healthcare). Obama promised openness, transparency and bipartisanship. He lied. He delivered nothing of the sort.

Obama misrepresented himself to Americans as a moderate who wouldn't impose draconian extremism onto The People.

Now look at his approval numbers. What a spectacular downfall.

I suppose Balbulican would call it democratic for a Republican or Conservative to impose something they promised and were elected to do, and then made the thing much more extreme than they let on, and then pulled out all the stops to ram it up the Peoples' asses... I suppose that'd be "democratic", eh?

I'll remember that...

And now America is going to be experiencing civil strife, strife we never saw during Bush II. The strife during Bush II was all fake, Big Media-manufactured, Astroturf, all hard-left. The swing voters were just fed up with the strife and wrongly blamed it on Bush.

Obama and the 'crats have themselves to blame for what's coming.

Anonymous said...

Here is a reminder for the C.S. readers about who really were "the people who have simply stopped any rational discussion of policy."
A portion of Congressman John Campbell's January 15th 2009 letter to his constituency.

"""...3 votes we made in the 111th Congress were perfectly awful. Here they are:

Rules: Each Congress must enact a set of rules by which it governs itself. This is the first act of each Congress. Many of the rules have been around since the start of the Union and others have changed from time to time. Speaker Pelosi made 3 major changes in the rules from those that governed the last Congress. First, she repealed much of the ability of the minority to offer a single amendment to any bill. The rule had been around since 1995 when part of the Republican "Contract with America" was to allow the minority to have a greater voice in presenting alternatives to the majority's bills. Speakers Newt Gingrich and Dennis Hastert both allowed the then minority Democrats to have significant options to present alternative bills or amendments and demand a vote on the floor. The majority almost always wins these votes so it's more about letting the minority have a voice than actually changing policy. But Nancy Pelosi moved to silence that voice by greatly restricting the ability of the minority Republicans to offer alternatives now that she has a substantial majority. She also repealed another "Contract with America" provision which was to limit the terms of committee chairman to 6 years so that their nearly limitless power is not abused for decades and so there is some rotation of that power. Under the new rules, Henry Waxman could remain Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee or Charles Rangel of Ways and Means for as long as they live and Democrats retain the majority.

But Pelosi did not just repeal the reforms of 1995. She also repealed some of the Democrats’ own promised reforms called "6 for '06" when they first took the majority back in 2006. She basically eliminated the so-called "PAYGO" provision which was supposed to require any new spending or new tax cuts were "paid for" by reduced spending or tax increases elsewhere.

Pelosi in 2006 promised the most open and bipartisan Congress in history. She is heading towards the opposite of that. There have also been press reports comparing her dictatorial style to that of Speaker Joe Cannon who is generally considered the most controlling speaker since the Civil War. I can only hope that Obama's inclusiveness will continue and trump the Speaker's style."""

Well, as you can see it started the second they took the floor. The progressive democrats are shoveling all kinds of crap down the American people's throat. They are unabashedly buying votes and pissing themselves with joy. This president has hated this country for a long time and HE MUST BE STOPPED. ∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

...and they said that Bush and the Republicans were horrible monsters and stuff?

What monstrous hypocrites, the Democrats... and Obama.

It's tyranny.

Sarah Palin, however, reminds us...

Americans will finally show us what democracy really means... in November.

Then, expect the Obamacrat brownshirts to be out in fuller-than-ever force. Wonder how many "Panthers" will stand in front of voting places to prevent people from voting because they're the "wrong color"? It happened last election, and, no doubt, it'll happen again. So much to lose... so many tactics to employ to cheat their way to illegitimate victory...

Balbulican said...

You really, really don't get it, do you?


Canadian Sentinel said...

Nothing to get, but the reality of the situation. I'd suggest, however, that you get a brain, Balbulican. Those things are great... try one.

Balbulican said...

Wow. Even the quality of your insults is regressing.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Believe that as you may, at least I'm pleased that your infamous, odious verbal diarrhea has been reduced to just a trickle.

Balbulican said...

Still completely obsessed with feces, I see.

Audrey II said...

I like that: Representative democracy, with elected representatives enacting legislation that's even been watered down from what they campaigned on passing, is now TYRANNY!!1! FASCISM!!!1! DICTATORSHIP!!!1!

Here's to hoping the right continues to double-down on this kind of populist rhetoric. The wheels are coming off the bus.

"They are like small children in the middle of an extended tantrum. They have rendered themselves irrelevant. "

Spot on.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Balbulican, give the fecal-obsession smears a rest. They're not even funny. Just 'cause I call stuff "crap" and call your nonsense "verbal diarrhea", doesn't mean I've got some kind of attraction to the end-product of digestion... Plus your accusation makes the Chinese Commie Spy one look like nothing.

Audrey Number Two, the Obamacare thing wasn't watered down from its campaign version. After Obama was elected, some evil people behind the curtain wrote a monstrosity of a bill, obviously not watered-down (there was never a promise to use taxpayer funds for abortions, for ONE example). The "watering down" occured only after the original-form bill was drawn up, and the horsetrading and bribing and threatening began.

Overall, with all the monstrous crap the Obamacrats have been imposing onto America, one can conclude that their campaign platform from the last election was pure crap, and that, as I rightly warned, they were harboring a monstrous hidden agenda all along.

Your propaganda is so blatant that I wonder if it's on purpose, Number Two.

You leftists can gloat for a while, but soon your smiles will fade and you'll stop being so funny. Soon enough reality will hit, and you'll, again, be hitting back at reality, wholly xenophobic theretowards.

Audrey II said...

"there was never a promise to use taxpayer funds for abortions, for ONE example"

And there not only isn't such a commitment in the bill, but there's also an executive order to adhere to the spirit of the Hyde amendment.

Facts are stubborn things, and Obama campaigned and was elected by a significant margin on a platform of enacting the very healthcare reforms that the right is now screaming are "undemocratic". Like Balb has pointed out, that speaks volumes about the understanding of "democracy" that exists on the right, either in ignorance or out or convenience.

"Overall, with all the monstrous crap the Obamacrats have been imposing onto America, one can conclude that their campaign platform from the last election was pure crap"

Exactly what have they "imposed"? What have they enacted that they didn't campaign on? The Democratic Party was pretty upfront about its intention to reform healthcare. This "secret agenda" nonsense might have populist appeal amongst those with political attention spans of a few days, but I'd like to think that isn't the majority of people.

The notion that what's occurred is "undemocratic" again says more about an understanding of representative democracy than it does some secret totalitarian imposition. The efforts to redefine "democracy" down to accommodating the right's agenda regardless of election results is just another illustration of the populist exploitation of ignorance that's become the mainstay of a particular ideological movement. If that's the suit its going to voluntarily wear, I wish it the best of luck, and intend to draw attention to it at every available opportunity.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, Aud. No. 2, you're either a crackerjack spin doctor, or are just really deluded. Perhaps both. Sometimes people start to actually believe their own spin.

One thing's for sure, and that's I'll be watching the aftermath. All the way til the election in November.

I predict it won't be pretty. Tyranny never is.

Audrey II said...

"you're either a crackerjack spin doctor, or are just really deluded. Perhaps both. Sometimes people start to actually believe their own spin."

Admittedly, I haven't compared the passing of Health Insurance reform to the bombing of Pearl Habour, called the representative democratic process "tyranny", or posted a graphic comparing Obama to Lenin and Hitler. If that makes me a professional spin doctor or deluded, I'm quite comfortable with not being part of the alternative.

I too will be watching the November elections. The election of Obama was a comforting departure from the U.S. electorate's embrace of the PNAC Rove/Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld regime, and it will be interesting to see what kind of resolve exists. Are the American people moronic enough to subscribe to rhetoric like the notion that healthcare reform was "totalitarian" and "undemocratic", or has the right stretched the limits of rhetoric to its breaking point? Inquiring minds would like to know, particularly given the number of nuclear warheads and degree of economic significance that hangs on the answer.

Anonymous said...

Audrey (is full of it too).

The best brief verbiage on the asinine health care bill (which is clearly unconstitutional) is here:
"The language Nelson agreed to will fund abortion throughout pregnancy for any reason at taxpayer expense by providing subsidies to purchase insurance from insurance companies that cover abortion. This explodes the “status quo” on abortion and overturns the longstanding and widely supported policy of not using federal government funds for abortion. Federal subsidies will be provided to tens of millions of people at taxpayer expense and lead to the most massive increases in abortion since Roe."

And as for the Executive order:

“In language that is purposely diffuse and difficult, the executive order decidedly does not outlaw abortion funding by federal agencies. As a matter of fact, such a proscription is not clearly enunciated in the letter of the order, at all.
According to the proposed order published by the White House, the President will order federal agencies to “segregate” funds from the various insurance policies offered in the exchange or marketplace established by the act." (New American)

You obviously don't like being called a liar so my advice to you is: Stop doing it! ∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

I see Aud. No. 2 has called the American People "moronic".

After all, the majority of the American People reject the imposed bill... Before and after the imposition...

No tyranny? Imposing something draconian and extreme against the wishes of the majority?

Hmm. If that's ok, then it's equally ok to use whatever constitutional and unconstitutional tactics to ban abortion, and to ban "gay" marriage, period. That'd be no worse. Hmm...

Is this the sort of precedent, for what's acceptable behavior by the legislative and executive branches of the state apparatus, which the Left wants to set?