Friday, March 19, 2010

Conservative Celebs Coming Out, Getting More Active

Story here.
Fortunately, an effort by conservatives to engage in “culture making” is moving from the edges of the industry to the mainstream, threatening the left’s grip on Hollywood. The more successful this effort is, the more American popular culture will extol the values that have made our country great. Eventually, it may become just as cool to believe in the principles of free enterprise, the need for strong national security, the merits of traditional families, and the value of religious faith as it is to sneer at capitalism, demean the military, denigrate parents, and deride religion.

A growing cadre of conservatives in the culture (not necessarily the same as “cultural conservatives”) are finding one another and offering mutual support. Right-leaning actors, screenwriters, directors, producers, songwriters, playwrights, set designers, and others in the entertainment industry are providing one another the comfort of strength in numbers.


Conservatives can curse the darkness or light culture candles. Thousands of conservatives rightly donate to candidates and political action committees, think tanks and other market-oriented and right-leaning groups, but investing in quality films, television shows, plays, and music can have an impact at least as great as a trainload of white papers.
NOW  we're talking REAL hope and change!


Those ("progressives") whose minds are too closed and still-wilfully-weak to try a little bit harder to understand and accept us as we are, well, God bless them.


Jen said...

I wonder if any of those lame reporters can write without having to feel restraint by their commander liberal-coalition hq.

Here is a piece from Mr. Field's article.

Disgraceful Liberals lie and distort
By Dick Field Friday, March 19, 2010
Blanco’s Blog

It doesn’t matter whether it is the CBC stable of talking heads, the Toronto Star or its subsidiaries and their editorialists or the many journalists so familiar to us all that it makes one sick when they appear on virtually every panel or newscast.. These talking know-it-all types dominate the mass Lib-left “news” across Canada. Their ratio of anti-Harper and anti-Conservative rhetoric is 20 to 1 against. It is a disgusting fact of Canada’s unbalanced and distorted mass media.

Since when have this incestuous cabal of the left acquired their self-centered egoistic assumption that they alone and their associates have the sole right to interpret the “news” and manipulate the public regardless of the damage they do to Canada’s societal, legal and political health.

CS, he also mentioned Ujjal Dosange and tweeting-read the article.

Maybe you can display his article on your blog.

ward said...

I've gotten so sick of the political posturing of mnay hollywood actors that I simply won't go see their movies.

Sean Penn was first on my list, recently added were Matt Damon, and Tom Hanks.

Its too bad because they are all very good actors, but they have all decided to put their politics first, so I will too when it comes to their movies.