Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free Speech Nonexistent At Cdn Universities?

Are Canadian universities nothing more than "progressive"-ideology indoctrination factories, turning out "progressive" zombies, albeit functional ones?
Of course, Canadian universities long ago forfeited any claim they ever had to be considered bastions of independent thought and speech. In fact, all universities shelter within their grey headquarters petty bureaucrats called “equity officers” whose job it is to ensure that groupthink prevails at all times.
"Equity officers", eh?  Oh, he means "liberal fascists".  Heh.  Them progs... always perfuming their poop with floral-scented euphemisms...
Last year, Queen's University went further, hiring students to surreptitiously eavesdrop on other student conversations lest anything untoward be said. This plan was dropped when some alumni objected, but it gives a good indication of the mindset of university administrators. You might recall that, a decade ago, administrators at the University of Western Ontario did everything in their power to make psychology professor Philippe Rushton a pariah on campus because of his unorthodox research conclusions on race and IQ.
Our universities can best be understood today as finishing schools in political correctness. From pre-kindergarten days, students have been brainwashed by the liberal consensus on all issues – political, moral, social. The university exists to round that off with a little learning. So the Ann Coulter saga is neither the first nor the last to expose the corrupt heart of the university.
No wonder the left-wing extremist cunning linguist Noam Chomsky was able to visit my old campus in the afternoon, unbothered by a single protestor...  Hell, the old fart was strolling down the hallway with a professor-groupie of his, and both were, I swear, cackling...

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