Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Proroguation, Now The Jaffer Thing: Double Standard Continues

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"National outrage" over proroguation... by Conservatives, not by Liberals.  This happened recently, thanks to the "hard work" of the Media of Mass Deception working in concert with the Leftist Opposition parties and the Hard-Left community organizers and propagandists.

Josef Goebbels would've been proud of his latter-day socialist comrades for what they did to the non-socialists!  So, of course, also, would be Saul Alinsky, the Commie who wrote "Rules for Radicals", the book telling radical leftists how to lie about and demonize opponents in the service of "progressive" socialism.

They never did it to the Liberals.  Dalton McGuinty did it at the same time, and guess what?  There was no big stink made, hence no outrage.  Hell, most people haven't even heard that that Liberal premier prorogued the Ontario Parliament!  Wonder why not?

Now they're doing the double standard again with the Rahim Jaffer case.

All of a sudden there's "national outrage" over someone "getting off easy", amidst allegations of "political interference".  Like, when did the masses care about this?  Certainly not when it involved Liberals!

But now that the Leftist Opposition and the Media of Mass Deception are MANUFACTURING THE OUTRAGE, of course the masses are going to be led to be outraged, like sheep.  Just as they were led, by media-manufactured legend, to be enamored of the perfect-nobody-out-of-nowhere Obama in sufficient numbers to elect him.

Hey, what about the Liberal facing illegal-trading charges?  Wonder if he'll get a Liberal judge.  Wonder if the MMD will make a big, loud, continuous, long-lasting stink over this Librano?  Nah!  'Cause he's a Liberal and Liberals are supposed to be left alone to do whatever crookedness they see fit!

Boyoboy, the Left really loves to pile it on when it's a non-leftist who's been caught or is being suspected of sexy-badness.  They'll lynch 'em!

Also, suddenly, uncharacteristically, the Left doesn't think it's "racist" to attack a mixed-marriage couple, even if one-half of the couple is a dark-skinned Muslim immigrant.  Why?  Because, as in this case, conservatives don't count!  Only non-conservatives deserve respect!  Only Leftists are "equal" and "protected"!  Anyone who's not a leftist, no matter their identifiable-group membership, will be lynched, just because they're not in favor with the Left!  This is exactly the main historical raison d'etre of the KKK, which was the terrorist arm of the racist, murderous, slavemongering, segregationist Democratic Party!  Think I made it up?  Do your homework, then!  It wasn't just about racism.  It was about bashing anyone who wasn't a Democrat, and who opposed racism and slavery, ie. the Republicans, who literally went to war against the evilness of the Democrats so as to free the slaves and outlaw racism!  How ironic that Obama wants to be a Democrat rather than a Republican, though perhaps his militantly revolutionary leftism is more important to him than equal rights/human rights!

And just look at how the Left and the MMD wants to coddle the avowed Al Qaeda illegal combatant and murderer, the Omar Khadr "kid"...  Why let HIM off easy but not Mr. Jaffer?  It's not a Muslim thing, 'cause they're both Muslims, so it's a conservative thing.  Anyone the Left favors will get off easy, but anyone the Left doesn't like, ie. non-Leftists, must be locked up and the key thrown away, obviously.  Like they did to Conrad Black based on phony charges, no evidence and a possibly-manipulated jury, but that sort of thing they wouldn't dream of doing to George Soros or any other Leftist billionaire, no matter what crime they're suspected of commiting.

Voila the DOUBLE STANDARD of the Hard Left!

This is why I fight.

This is why The Canadian Sentinel is at war with the Left, with the awful, dishonest, unethical, immoral, mean-spirited, neo-Nazi, neo-Communist, Islamist "Progressive Movement".  Someone has to fight them to save the Free World!  I want YOU to fight them, too!  Come on and expand the freedom army of those who defend the Free World against all enemies, foreign and domestic!  Fight the smears!  Never submit!  Never surrender!

Counter the propaganda!  Fight fire with fire!  Fight lies with truth!

We must never let our guard down, must never falter...  must never fail!

We win wars when we work willingly...

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Robert of Ottawa said...

You say:

This is why The Canadian Sentinel is at war with the Left, with the awful, dishonest, unethical, immoral, mean-spirited, neo-Nazi, neo-Communist, Islamist "Progressive Movement"

You could have been much more succinct by saying " war with totalitarians.."

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hmm... good point.

Anonymous said...

Or... just say progs.

Is succinct really the new sheik? Hope not. It makes me a troll. Sorry about that.

Proroguation; now that's a new term for me. In the U.S., I believe that it has something to do with putting rogues into office. We've had quite a lot of that.

And as for Jaffer; from a distant perspective, might his lucky day be indicative of justice prevailing in a perverse way? There were irregularities, enough to generate a massively expensive trial. Perhaps even a little overzealous police testimony exposed. Never looks good and in an ideal society, not allowed. This should speak volumes to the lib.... Oh yea, I forgot, no standards at all.
Hallmark of the ..."Left, with the awful, dishonest, unethical, immoral, mean-spirited, neo-Nazi, neo-Communist, Islamist..." TOTALITARIAN, oops.. Progs.
∞ ≠ ø ☺