Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hoax? Let's Have Proof From Obamacrat Claimants

The fact that they're claiming they've "received threats", and then immediately turning around to demand that Republicans "do more to condemn the threats", well, it sounds like political propaganda.  Lie, lie, lie, and then demonize the other guys, as if they were somehow responsible... HOW ABOUT PROOF?

Where were the Democrats when all those Hard-Left crazies were making threats all the time, directed at former President Bush???  They could've done a LOT more to condemn threatening communications, etc., but we know they relished it, because it made them look better by default.

And I'd like to see the Democrats (and the Canadian Liberals, NDP, Bloc Quebecois, etc., MPs) condemn the threats directed towards Ann Coulter in Ottawa.  It's not as if Ms. Coulter is going to impose a damn thing upon Canadians, nor even on Americans.  It's the Democrats and Obama who do the imposing!  Harper and the Tories?  What can they possibly impose anyway, with a minority government?  Besides a little holiday or something?  As if that was a bad thing, like, say, with the Obamacrats taking more and more of The Peoples' money away from them plus taking their rights away, ie. the right to choose what happens to their own bodies...

Such threats of violence are intolerably unacceptable, no matter from whom they come.

If only those damn Leftists would do more to stop their minions on the streets from throwing molotov cocktails, rocks, cream pies, etc...  Then they'd be in a position to tell their counterparts to "do more".

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Anonymous said...

That oversized gavel march was R_I_D_I_C_U_L_O_U_S. Such the Democrat way; abounding with tokenism, sanctimony and defiance. Many stupid f@#king leftists think and state that this event was a 1964 MLK equivalent. SHAME! See how they use black people and black history toward their own goals.
Kings march was courageous. This S#@t was taunting cowardice par excellence. Nobody effing sees it! They're screaming epithet, epithet! Yes, listen you fools, and look. The whole !od Damn thing is a hideous epithet. The mendacious audacity of it all is almost too much. It was SICKENING to look at. Frightening to think about how far we've slipped. How far will it go? Chr$%t allmighty would someone please buy a f*c*ing vowel! ......ahem.... Rant. ∞ ≠ ΓΈ ☺