Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kinsella Steps In It Again

 Warren Kinsella.
Is this a credible man?
Or just an attention-hogging hypocrite?

Warren Kinsella.  Here he goes again, stepping in it and then putting it into his mouth.

He tried to attack Senator Mike Duffy.  Funny how Leftists like Warren are suddenly on the warpath for no reason other than Sen. Duffy is a Conservative, and Leftists believe that Conservatives must be tarred and feathered for daring to think for themselves.

Well, the Senator responded.

Clearly, Warren was trying to get away with using a carefully selected bundle of text to make it sound as if the Senator was suing because they made fun of him, when, in fact, the Senator sued for defamation.  Nasy, nasty Warren... trying to fool people into thinking the wrong thing.  He's a Machiavellian manipulative psychoaffector, though not a good one, because he's terribly easy to expose.  One can smell the dung on his foot and see it stuck between his teeth.

Time to brush your teeth, Warren.  Don't forget to floss.  And use Listerine.  And try to watch where you put your big, stinky feet, pal!  Might as well consider a whitening treatment too, 'cause of the brownish, long-term buildup.


Patrick Ross said...

Wow. Warren has quite the sleazy crew on deck over there.

Then again, isn't that the way Liberals almost always respond to revelation of their errors? With insults?

You almost have to admire how Kinsella turned them loose over there. Doesn't admit that he flubbed the details, just lets slip the dogs.

Canadian Sentinel said...

He's got his Little Goebbelses cheering him on. Nothing but nastiness.

Typical Liberals.

Reminds me of why I, too, am a "partisan"...

Canadian Sentinel said...

You know Warren's going to sink deeper and deeper into the doody as he, like a typical Prog, continues to pretend he's right when he's wrong.

Ah... the heartbreak of terminal delusion.