Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Liberals Don't Care About Economy

Gotta admit that the Conservatives are right.

The Liberals, including "Leader" Michael Ignatieff, have been so engrossed in screaming about proroguation, unsubstantiated allegations of "torture" and the not-directly-relevant-to-Canadians Jaffer-Guergis tag-team-weird-behavior matter.

Not a peep about the economy, though.  Canadians care about the economy, yet the Liberals and their propaganda arm, the Media of Mass Deception, don't want to talk about it.

Hmm.  Why?  Is it because the Conservatives have actually done a good job on the economy?  And it's too hard to attack them on that?  Hmm.

At least the Nudies and the Blocheads moved amendments to the Budget.  The Liberals?  Nothing on that file.  They just want to try to hurt the Conservatives by harping on other stuff that doesn't really affect or concern Canadians.

The Liberals and Ignatieff are just throwing their previously-stowed puffin poops (remember when Ignatieff excitedly babbled publicly about puffin poop stowage?), like the ruffled, screeching puffins they seem to be.
“Michael Ignatieff says the economy is his priority,” the internal Conservative Party memo says. “By failing to even bother proposing an amendment to the budget Ignatieff’s Liberals are ducking their Parliamentary duty. They are demonstrating to Canadians that they have nothing relevant to say about the economy.”

The memo says “Ignatieff’s lack of leadership and failure to deal with the budget proves once again that he isn’t in it for Canadians – he’s only in it for himself.”

Deja vu for the Liberals:
“We are pulling a ‘Dion’,” says the insider, referring to the fact that under Mr. Dion’s leadership the Liberals made sure the government did not fall. “Some members will be out of the House for ‘riding events.’” 

Like Dion, Like Iffy... 

The more things change in the Liberal Party of Canada, the more they stay the same. 

A Liberal can't change his/her color, which is... red.  Commie red!  Might as well add a yellow star to the big red "L" they virtually wear on their foreheads.

Liberals.  Blah.  Ignatieff.  Meh.  Bleccch!

And... Disappointed Kitty is disappointed with what he gets from the Liberals...


Jen said...

And guess what, instead of going through the useless good for nothing CBC or CTV or Global(all friendly stations of the liberals); the prime minister will be on 'youtube' sometime this weekend or next.I found this formation in one of the blogs.

Now, can you hear them-the fifes, tabers olivers clarks etc; man I can hear them right now whining that the PM is 'afraid of them and their-get this, tough questions.
Right on! PM, I wouldn't go through those saturated corrupt media-will be a waste of time.

Jen said...

Liberals-economy; whose economy are they known for? surely not Canada's that's for sure. I know, golly gee me, now why didn't I think of it before, it is theirs their economy is at stake. Now how can that be when they liberals, still owe us millions of dollars and took 56billion dollars of the EI funds and use that money-our money- on themselves. NOT A PEEP from the media.

Can you imagine that when the economy was very good during the liberal years, the liberals actually made serious cuts and raised taxes-as a coverup; hoping to coverup or replace the monies from where they took which really didn't happen that much.
Unfortunately, this prime minister ended up with unpaid bills, had and is still paying into sreas from where the liberals took and defunded.

Had the liberals attended to all areas without taking money from or defunding, the bulk of the repayments will not be so great today for this prime minister.

Jen said...

From BLY(Blue like you)I highlighted this piece as a reminder.

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper live on YouTube at 10:45 Eastern this morning! He will be discussing the recent Throne Speech and budget"

CS,I thought it was sometime this weekend-sorry, my error.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I was at work anyhow this morning, real busy. No time to watch YouTubes.

Smart guy, PMSH. Go over the MMD's heads and speak directly to the People. Unfiltered, uncut, raw, unspun.

Funny how the MMD doesn't want him to do that. The MMD wants to alter and control what's recorded, so as to manipulate the perceptions of the People. And Harper knows this, and rightly bypasses the spin doctors who call themselves "journalists".