Monday, March 22, 2010

Obamacare Vote A Socialist Putsch: Geller

Story here.

When politicians behave in such extreme ways, The People will react in kind.

The Obamacrats brought it all upon themselves, all the current and upcoming anger and opposition... and their ouster come November.

The Obamacrats are extremists.  Tyrants.  Undemocratic.

Sure, Hitler was elected on promises of "change" and "hope", as were Obama and the Democrats.

But Hitler, like the Obamacrats, did all kinds of extreme things he never said he'd do.  Is this "democratic"?  Is it "democratic" to promise vague things to get elected, and then shove extreme, revolutionary tyranny upside peoples' out-chutes afterwards, against the will of the majority?

And, last night, that's what Obama and the Democrats did, thus proving my many graphical parallels between them and the Nazis to be accurate after all.

Nazi is as Nazi does.  Obama and the Democrats did, so they deserve to be so labelled.

Back to the Geller article, though, and do read it...  The other day some Democrats claimed that as they walked past some protestors, someone allegedly uttered terrible slurs at them based on their group membership.  But is it true?  Or was it a political prank to feed the Big Media into a frenzy?  I was skeptical because it was claims by Democrats offering no proof.  Pamela says:
The only problem with all this was that the charges were false. Video evidence proved that no one shouted “ni**er” or “faggot.” And as for Barney Frank alleging that he was called a faggot — I prefer to call him what he really is, a liar. Where is his outrage at the term “tea bagger”?

Yeah... how'd Barney Frank like to be called a "teabagger"?  Now, that I'd like to see.  Barney isn't exactly on record as saying that calling people homoerotic names is a bad thing, so I'd like to see his reaction to being called a "teabagger" or a "cornholer" or something like that.  He sure wouldn't like it, I suspect, the little hypocrite!

Hey, how about some Republicans walk past some Leftist protestors sometime and report to the Big Media that they uttered racial and other slurs at them?  Well, who'd believe them?  They'd be called liars, for sure, 'cause the Big Media always says Republicans are liars, always.  But not Democrats, eh!
Those of us battling the left are used to the libel and slander directed towards us as a means to eliminate the truth of our message by destroying our credibility. The daily drumbeat of lies and smear is so relentless that it has lost its sting. It’s like water off a duck’s back. But for the first time, America is getting a taste of it. Ordinary Americans are being smeared and slandered. And the silver lining here is that the American people will never trust the Democrats or big media again.

Big Media  will go down in flames as a result of this. Even when I went searching for a picture of the Capitol lawn yesterday, I could only find images on twitpic and the blogs. The only thing that came up for “D.C. protest” on Yahoo was an unrelated anti-war protest (here). The leftist media was ignoring the huge demonstration of the popular will. That’s how corrupt and criminal the media is.

Yeah!  What Pam said!

I say the Democrats and the Big Media are political toxic, biological, radioactive waste.  This is how they'll be treated by Americans from now on.  They'll be shunned as if such.  Their media will be ignored.  They won't get an "X" beside their name in elections.  They're toast!

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