Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Canuck Bookstores Afraid Of Amazon Competition

I wonder why, really?

"Canadian culture"?  They care about that?  They think that restricting competition in bookselling will somehow be bad for Canadian culture?  LOL!  Oh, come on!  That's pure bee-ess.
The CBA said the federal government should reject Amazon's application partly because an American online retailer can't ensure the promotion of Canadian authors and culture.

Huh?  Gimme a break.  This isn't about culture at all.  It's about giving the customers what they want!  And online-based retailers like Amazon offer them all sorts of books that Canadian bookstores simply refuse to carry, even if they'd make a lot more money doing so.

I suspect that many bookstores are actually Leftist.  Like Indigo, which I know from visiting their premises over the years, pretty much has NO conservative books available, ever, including the bestsellers that would really contribute to their bottom line if they'd have the balls to offer them!

Perhaps it's a Leftist thing.  To cite "culture" is a sham.  It's all about CENSORSHIP.  They want to censor, or at least make less available, all those wonderful, bestselling conservative books coming out of America.

They don't want Canadians to be exposed to diverse, international perspectives, and they rather want Canadians to be told what's supposedly "Canadian" by elites and government.  Part of how they want to do this is to have nationalistic control over literature.  Protectionism, it is. 

They're already having trouble, exactly because of this protectionism.  Canadians, including myself, have turned away from local bookstores and gone online, including to America, where they can get all kinds of books they simply cannot find in Canada.  And save a LOT of money, and actually pay no tax when buying from the US online.  Just buy it online and they'll mail it to you.  Isn't that what we really want?  Why must we go to a physical location, if we'd rather do it in our pajamas at home instead?  Besides, bookstore books cost more, because bookstores cost much more money to run!

Why should we be required to pay a lot for stuff we don't really want to buy?

Why must government regulate culture?

Why are people so afraid that Canadian culture is so fragile that it can't survive without laws protecting it?  It's stupid to thing like this.  It's stupid to think that if there's a foreign-owned warehouse here to sell books, then that'll destroy our culture.

Besides, nothing has been as devastating for Canadian culture... than the Left... and the Liberal Party!  They transformed Canada, destroying much of her identity and heritage and character... in the name of "Progressiveness", "Multiculturalism", "Social Justice", all of which are euphemistic words for stuff the Left won't admit to really doing, and planning to do.

The cultural-threat alarmists, they've got nothing to back up their fearmongering.  They're just like those Algoreans, those Chicken Littlists, who say we need a dictatorship, a tyranny, to prevent us from destroying the world.  Well, the cultural-threat alarmists, they want a tyranny in Canada, they want more and more powerful government to dogmatically deem that which can and cannot be.

Canadians want liberty.  Canadians want choice.

Canadians don't want the government telling them what to buy and what not to buy.

Canadians don't want the government shoving alleged "culture" down their throats.

Canadian culture is what it is, notwithstanding what government says it is or isn't.

Canadian culture is eternal, undeniable, proven, indestructible... and strong and independent of government regulations!

Competition, please.  In books, TV, internet, you name it.   We The People scream for it!

Those who fear competition... are too lazy and arrogant anyway.  They'll be replaced with real businesses who serve their customers properly!

Let's be progressive, not "Progressive".

I'll vote for competition.  Those who don't like the way I vote can kiss my Canadian ass.


Kez Creates said...

I'm not sure if it was on your blog or another that I wrote about this in the past, but here goes... LOL....

I was looking in my local Coles for Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin last year, but could not find it. I asked the salesgirl and she said she had not heard of it. I told her it was #1 in non-fiction in the US and assumed we would have it too, since we seem to have the top of the US lists most of the rest of the time. I said it was political and she said something about how 'oh well that would be US politics, we don't really have stuff like that'.

I could not believe it! RIGHT BESIDE ME were two of Barrack Obama's books, not to mention me pointing to Hillary Clinton's book which was featured at the front of the store under Non-Fiction Hardcover. She looked stumped - and caught. Next thing I knew, we had a few copies but I could never manage to snag one because they were sold out before I got there.

Finally got my hands on one and the clerk told me she can't seem to keep them on the shelves. Funny that eh? I told the first girl that there were SEVEN books about Obama in their politics section right at that moment and she was like 'oh'.


Canadian Sentinel said...

It certainly does feel like the People Behind the Curtain (or in the little room in the back) at the bookstores might have an agenda of trying to keep as many conservative books out of sight as possible, whilst promoting all those Hillary, Barack, Al Gore, George Monbiot, Michael Moore, etc., books...

Huh. All that American political (leftist) culture they keep bringing in. Don't they worry that all that Leftist US stuff will corrupt and destroy Canadian culture? Hmm? Ah. Hah.

Ironically, last time I checked, I actually did manage to find a copy of "Liberal Fascism". Now, that's ironic. One would expect that to be at the top of the Blacklist they keep in the Little Room in the Back.

As for the lazy-minded clerk who said, off the top of her head, "we don't carry US political stuff", I recognize the mentality there. They'll say whatever in an attempt to get us to quit bugging them, including lying to us without thinking about the possibility that their lies will be quickly exposed as such. I'm pretty sure the clerk is a leftist, because of her behavior. Not a well-trained propaganda-pushing one, though; just a little pawn who doesn't know what's really going on.

Robert of Ottawa said...

I rarely buy books at the Canadian book store monopoly. I go Amazon or used book stores. The latter make me slather.

No, this is all about enforcing a monopoly.