Sunday, March 21, 2010

Now, THIS Is An Injustice

Evil serial murderer of children gets social benefits cash while living for free in expensive taxpayer-funded quarters

Every month, the most notorious child killer in the country gets $1,169.47 transferred to a trust account in his name.

Though he will likely die in jail, where he has no living expenses and where the average annual taxpayer cost of keeping a maximum security male incarcerated was $121,294 in 2006-07 — the most recent statistics on Corrections Canada’s website — Clifford Robert Olson is a Canadian, over 65 — he turned 70 on New Year’s Day — and eligible for a pension.

As a federal inmate who has spent much of his time in segregation since he was admitted into federal custody Feb. 17, 1982, Olson likely has little income to claim, which explains why he was approved for not only the Old Age Security (OAS) pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), but the maximum monthly benefits for both — $516.96 and $652.51 respectively.

It is a reminder that, criminal as he may be, having killed at least 11 boys and girls, Olson still has his rights as a Canadian, whether you agree with it or not.

 Illustration:  Serial murderer Clifford Olson.  How come he gets our money?

"Rights"?  But, hey, if it's standard, accepted-by-the-Left-and-Big-Media, practice for the "Human Rights" Commissions to take peoples' rights away, then why the hell can't we also take rights away from child-murdering, evil, worthless, undeserving pieces of stinking shit like Clifford Olson?  Hmm?  Why is it bad, in the eyes of the ivory-tower "rights" folks, to publish Mohammed cartoons, but apparently ok to murder eleven children?  WTF?!

I say take away Clifford Olson's "rights" to taxpayer money he doesn't need.  If some asshole then gets mad and takes the case to court, then, hey, let's ask them to also take the "Human Rights" Commissions to court for taking peoples' rights away, too!

My Canada puts the rights of the law-abiding ahead of serial murderers. 

Clifford Olson threw away his rights "as a Canadian" when he chose to become a servant of Satan.

If we're going to keep giving that piece of stinking shit our confiscated tax dollars on top of the $125 grand a year we already shell out to keep this Satanic turd alive (hey, why not bring back the death penalty for assholes like this one?), then I say abolish the "Human Rights" Commissions as they're nothing but unaccountable, neo-Nazi-like fascist institutions gone rogue on our dime.

It's wrong to try to take peoples' rights away for publishing a bunch of famous Mohammed cartoons, whilst guaranteeing the rights of Satanic excrement who slaughtered eleven children in cold blood, just because he felt like doing it.

Choose your Canada.  


Anonymous said...

I wikied this for the states..
In a maximum security prison or area, all prisoners have individual cells with ..... "The average annual operating cost per state inmate in 2001 was $22650,.. That's considerably lower but look at this..
New Study Reveals Maryland Pays $37 Million for One Execution.
I need to borrow your big stinking pile of crap logo. That feeds a ton of lefty lawyers. Your HRC folks would just change their lapel pins and CHA CHING! Cornholers are as cornholers do.
I know that folks in my county pen have to pay for their room and board. They don't see any conflict of interest and nor do I.
∞ ≠ ΓΈ ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

I don't see why executions must be so expensive.

In China, it just takes one bullet. In Saudi Arabia, it just takes one stroke of a sword. In Russia, though, I think it's at least sometimes more elaborate and expensive, involving poisons and radioactive substances and hitman-operatives and such, though I doubt it'd be anywhere near as expensive as in Md.