Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Media Talking Head Incites Violence Against Conservatives

Yep.  Rachel Maddow.  That extreme left-wing propagandist from the extreme left-wing propaganda organization MSNBC.

Story here.
Ms. Maddow, consider that the hatred runs from your side as well. Words matter, and apparently your words are inciting threats from your listeners. How’s that for hate speech?
Maybe a word about that on tomorrow’s show to condemn the hatred of fellow human beings? I won’t hold my breath.
Just doing my part to help folks get some real perspective on reality.

The Leftists are the big bullies, you see.
Even a child knows, as a victim, he automatically gains the moral high ground, and garnishes the power of justice to his side. It’s also the tactical defense of bullies and the emotionally stunted Left. From professional victim “Rev.” Jesse Jackson, to the White House chihuahua, Chris Matthews, leftists have been whining all week long.

It’s time for the adults to ignore the whining, and look at the bigger picture.

It’s a given that law abiding citizens do not threaten officials. Conservatives by nature are law abiding; we don’t use slander, destroy private property or bite off the fingers of those we disagree with.

When the adults get real quiet, behind the voting curtain–that’s when we’ll give them something to really cry about.

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