Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liberal Hypocrisy In The Mail

So the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation supports the Liberals' disingenuous campaign to ban the tax-dollar-funded "ten-percenter" mailouts?

Well, if the Liberals really believed in what they're saying, they'd practice what they preach.

Certainly they'd have nixed them when they had thirteen consecutive years, almost all of them with a dictatorial majority in both Chambers, to do so but didn't.  Funny how when the shoe's on the other foot...

Yesterday, home from work, I opened my mailbox and found a "ten-percenter" mailout courtesy of Liberal MP Justin Trudeau.

I wonder if Silly Little Pierre had the "Leader's" blessing to do that...

BTW, what kind of man holds a pen like this?

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.  -Saul Alinsky

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Anonymous said...

In the U.S. we're so much bigger and better. We're spending $85 million sending out letters to tell us we'll be getting a letter. (See, it was sarcasm.)
What Crap!
The census will cost over 14 billion. WTF?!!
That's an aircraft carrier and two destroyers; or enough conventional ordinance to light up Iran for a month. All of which we need. So the liberals here just love the waste. Your liberals are pissed because they have been beaten in the utilization of allocated government funds, wasteful, or not.

BTW answer: a fruiter.
∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

I also understand that the Census has been turned into something crazy.

Why do the Neo-Communists want to know your race and how you get your rocks off?

A census is really just supposed to count how many folks live in the country.

But now it's a Big Brother thing, racist and all that...

And no doubt... ACORN, by another name or names, will be involved. An ACORN by any other name will still stink...

Anonymous said...

They always ask race so the Democrats know where to go to purchase their votes.

This census (every 10 yrs.) will have no long form. Just ten Questions. After the name, gender, number of folks, relation, type of house etc. there is: Are you Hispanic and what is your race.

For the last 60 yrs., one out of six households got the long form with about 50 questions. (education, job type, salary, military service immigration data, commute to work, type of water service, etc.) good stuff for interesting data (in the right hands). But Not This Time. Over 14 BILLION for ten questions. Census 2000 cost about 4.5 B. Short and long forms.

There's more: A new program "The American Community Survey" Will suck down more Federal dollars to continuously redundantly survey and replace the long form.

"ACS" "Community" I could just puke. Yep! You're right on it. Another blanket for all the displaced ACORN folks (cornholers) to dive under.
∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

Something's obviously wrong when something so much less costs so much more.

Then again, look who's in charge...

Kez Creates said...

This reminds me of the last two years (09,10) where we got papers at my daycare to fill out with info about the center (for the yearly association membership drivel)... suddenly a question has appeared asking us how many kids we have of various cultures - 'caucasian, black, hispanic, asian, first nations, other'. WTH is that even for? It does not affect our funding, fees, staff, food, utilities, etc. My boss left it blank both years and nothing happened, we were still allowed in the association lol, but seriously - what is it for? I remember last year she was stumped and commented it was the first time she has EVER been asked that, and again this year she said "there's that question again, why do they need to know that?".

Anonymous said...

Well, since it doesn't matter, this year tell them you're running daycare exclusively for..let's see how does it go.. A Hispanic, black, handicapped hyper allergic, foster girls' camp.. and see what happens. A child like that would get ripped to shreds. There's money in it, believe me. Consult a grant writer. ∞ ≠ ø ☺