Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sean Penn, Hugo Chavez's Lapdog, Snaps At Dissidents

Sean Penn.  Body language seems to say, "I'm fecking nuts!"

Sean Penn.  Violent nutcase.  Always attacking people for simply taking his picture.  Weird.  After all, he's a celebrity.  Celebrities are supposed to have their pix taken, so what kind of a lunatic is he to go berzerk when it happens?  What other kind of lunacy is he apt to demonstrate?

Now Sean Penn wants to throw people in jail for daring to call socialist dictator Hugo Chavez a "dictator".

  How lovely.  There's Sean riding shotgun with Hugo and Che.

Funny, but he didn't want people to be put in jail for calling George Bush far, far worse than that.

Hell, I don't think he's even demanded jailing of dissidents who call Obama a "dictator", either.

Sean Penn.  Poster Old Fart For Leftist Mental Disorder.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News' senior judicial analyst, said the same constitutional protection that applies to journalists also applies to Penn, who can say pretty much anything he wants in the "political arena" -- aside from an immediate incitement of violence.

"What he is saying is protected, as wacky and weird as it is," Napolitano told FoxNews.com. "But the substance of what he's saying would be absolutely contrary to the First Amendment, which fully protects all political opinions. So if a journalist says Dick Cheney should go to jail, the journalist is privileged to say that."

"Mr. Penn is calling for a communist-like regime in which journalists who criticize the government are sent to jail because of that criticism," Napolitano added. "That is utterly un-American and hasn't happened here since the Civil War."

Sean and Hugo commie-gay it up for the camera.  
Funny how Sean's not attacking the camera person.  How unusual. 

Go ahead.  Call the barking-moonbat Sean Penn whatever you want.  Right here in the comments of TCS.  I won't throw you in jail, no matter what you call him.  Hell, might as well call Hugo Chavez a big, fat stinky bum or something, too.  Worse stuff than "dictator" is fine for labelling Chavez.  He's a bad guy, an Axis of Evil tyrant, after all.  He's a censor who won't tolerate dissent nor criticism.  Just like Sean Penn.  If I was a moviemaker, I'd blacklist him.  Yep, I believe in blacklisting commies (which is fair, because commies, we know full well, blacklist anyone who's not a commie!), though not throwing the bums in jail for being fullashit bigmouth singers, unlike Sean Penn.

If Sean Penn believes in jailing dissidents, then he can't complain if I'm to praise Joseph McCarthy for his patriotic efforts to root out dirty commies like Sean.  Sean can kiss my hairy bum, for all I care.  I say expose commie bums like him.  They deserve it for being traitors, for being enemies of the US Constitution, enemies of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights worldwide.

Up yours, Sean Penn!

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