Thursday, March 25, 2010

Profs' Union 'Deeply Disturbed' With F. A. Houle

Via Ezra Levant...

Really.  F. A. Houle, the Provost of the University of Ottawa, has "deeply disturbed" the Canadian Association of University Teachers .
We are deeply disturbed by your correspondence with Ann Coulter regarding her speaking engagement at the University of Ottawa tomorrow. Your admonishing her about speech rights in Canada raises serious questions about the University of Ottawa’s respect for freedom of expression and academic freedom.
Not only that, they also want F. A. Houle to apologize to Ann Coulter:
We feel you owe an apology to Ms. Coulter and, even more importantly, you owe the University of Ottawa community an assurance that the administration of the University strongly supports freedom of expression, academic freedom and views the role of the university as fostering and defending these values.
Perhaps F. A. Houle will be getting the shaft...

 F. A. Houle

See what happens when left-wing extremist ideologues assume positions of power, such as at universities?  Hmm... I'd also point out that the far-leftwing ex-Chretien Liberal cabmin Allan Rock, who tried to become Liberal leader, is the President of the University.

 Allan Rock, ex-Liberal cabmin, President, U of Ottawa
With some questionable plants (nope, they're not the fringe-element, far-left students)

Shout-out to Allan Rock:  President Allan, do you agree with F. A. Houle's hateful bloviations?  Hmm?  Speak up!  I can't hear you!  Ah... silence is consent, I guess...

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