Monday, March 08, 2010

Al Gore, Conspiracy Theorist

Just like Hillary and her "Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy".

Ah.  Promoting his latest book.  Something about "choice".  Oh, how ironic, coming from a guy who doesn't want us to be allowed to choose!  Apparently "choice" is codespeak when uttered by Hard-Leftwingnutcases such as the Goreacle.
“There has been a very large, organized campaign to try to convince people that it [global warming] is not real, to try to convince people that they shouldn't worry about it.

Well, I'd say that there's a LOT of hard, undeniable evidence of a large, organized campaign to bullshit people into believing that we're destroying the world every time we turn on a light, go for a drive, exhale, fart, etc...  So coming from the biggest wig within that campaign, well, it's richer than the richest fancy dessert in the world.

Besides, the proof is already out.  There is NO "global warming".  It's proven to be a Big Lie.  And it's proven that the only "organized campaign" is the one in the Algorean camp.

Sheesh.  What a loon.

Al Gore.  The heartbreak of terminal delusion.

Oh, almost forgot.  Apparently he'd been missing for a while, and people were asking where he was.

Well, here's a picture of when he was finally found...

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