Sunday, March 07, 2010

Back In Business... Sort Of

Why didn't I think to try this before?

I live in an apartment complex.  So why didn't I see whether someone's got an open wireless connection somewhere?


Still have to deal with the WiMax problem.  Best way to do it is to go to the local Bell outlet to talk about it in person.  Harder to get the endless redirect that way.  Either they know what's going on or they don't have a clue.  And I can always take my business elsewhere if they prove to be cavalierly arrogant and uncaring about my 65 bucks a month!

Yes, bring in foreign competition, please!  Cancon?  Feck trying to use regulation to "preserve" it- Canadian culture is obviously strong enough by itself to survive and thrive, notwithstanding what nutty politicians and bureaucrats think!

Too few ISPs, too much arrogance.  They think they're the feckin' CHRC or something!

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