Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tax-Loving Ignatieff's Negative Score Rises

Michael Ignatieff, Tax Loving Liberal Leader

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His other numbers are hardly promising, either, nor are his party's, even though it's pretty much statistically tied with the Conservatives at the moment (not that that means anything, as I recall that in 1988 the NDP was the most popular party according to a couple of polls, plus just a few months ago the Tories actually were way up above 50% popularity but are down again into the thirties, meaning that spectacular rises for any party can be followed by an equally spectacular reversal, so the Liberals shouldn't get too cocky and try to force an election (hey, we just had one a few months ago, man!) just because they think they can cash in on the recession, which naturally makes an incumbent government more vulnerable to potential defeat).

He's hardly looking like the guy who can rescue the Liberal Party from oblivion and extinction.

If he was, wouldn't his numbers and those of the Liberals be much higher?

Clearly he's no Trudeau, nor even a Chretien.

He's barely even a resident of Canada, having only returned from America and overseas after over three decades as an ex-Canadian.

And why is the Big Media not going after him for continuing to employ big bully Warren "Prince of Darkness" Kinsella as his attack clown against his political and ideological counterparts? You know that if Harper had a big asshole (like Warren) for a political hitman, the Big Media wouldn't shut up about it until he fired the bum.

So if the Liberals want to have an election, fine. How well do they realistically expect they could do, even during the recession? Canadians don't know Iggy, and already are increasingly seeing him negatively and as a tax-loving, big-spending Liberal who giddily thinks the socialist-fascist US President Obama is awesomer than the kitty's pajamas.

Via National Newswatch