Saturday, May 02, 2009

Liberal Leader At Odds With Membership

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ht: Bourque Newswatch

First Liberal to say, "Let's impose a carbon tax" was Michael Ignatieff, the current leader. That was back in 2006.

Now he says forget about it, because it didn't fool Canadian voters.

Interesting. One can't see whether he believes it's a good thing or not now.

He thought the Liberals could fool the voters into accepting it. He was wrong. So now...

"He must be pleased that Liberals have put it back on the table, since he has a not-so-hidden agenda to impose one on Canadians."

Worst of all to come out of the Liberal Convention is that they'd expand the power of the fascist, rights-violating "Human Rights" Commission, which actually either needs to be abolished or at least ordered to stick to its original mandate and go no further. Clearly, the Liberals are either ignorant or they're fascists. Whatever the reality, they can't be trusted to protect Canadians' rights and freedoms and respect the Charter and the rule of law.

They still want Extreme Left-Wing policies.

Canadians don't.

Make no mistake... no matter how much you've heard that the Liberals are "centrist", "moderate", etc... they're not. They're Left-Wing Extremists hellbent on imposing the agenda of the Extreme Left on Canadians against their will.

Ignatieff? He's just a politician, and a Liberal one at that, by choice. Therefore, he only cares about one thing: Winning at any cost, to hell with principles; tell the voters any lies necessary and if they win, then kiss the ass of the Extreme Left so it'll help them to lie to the voters again in the future.