Sunday, May 03, 2009

CBC Elites' $1,400, Two-Day Drinking Bender


Your tax dollars hard at work again... producing neo-Communist propaganda and depraved, ultra-hardcore Left-Wing Extremist filth.

Directed by a bunch of drunken assholes in fancy suits.

They've been caught with their pants down again.


the hell do we need a CBC? What do they do for us, anyway? Why do we have to pay for this crap?

If we were to eliminate that anachronistic, state-apparatus-mouthpiece of the Extreme Left, what's the worst that would happen?

Would Canada come to an end? Would Canadian culture die? Of course not. Because that wacky Hard-Left, neo-Communist nonsense of "multiculturalism" has already pretty much done the job and needs to be stopped, and Canadian culture once again emphasized for everyone before it's lost in a sea of meaningless internationalism.

It's lamentable that most Canadians know nothing about Canadian culture. What has the CBC done to alleviate this malaise? What have the schools done? They've just been following the anti-Canadian, neo-Communist dogma of political correctness and anti-uniqueness, destroying our distinct Canadian identity, replacing it with the cultures of other countries, as if our own Canadian culture is worthless and must be scrapped. Of course, after all, the neo-Commies, they hate all Western, Free-World culture and want to crush it to dust by saying it's "intolerant" and that it must submit and subordinate itself to the cultures of the frequently-non-Free-and-non-Democratic non-Western World so as to "no longer be intolerant and hateful and xenophobic". What bullshit!

They've been rewriting Canadian history to eliminate the politically-incorrect truths about our history and heritage and to replace reality-conforming perceptions with those artificial ones as prescribed by the Canada-hating, Free-World-hating neo-Communist internationalism extremists.

Sylvain Lafrance, head of CBC's French-language service, was among the participants at the overnight getaway held just 35 minutes from their Montreal office.

The bulk of the money -- more than $6,800 -- was spent on 12 hotel rooms. Dining room costs at the four-star inn totalled $2,056, of which $1,400 was for wine, scotch, cocktails and beer.


Senior managers dropped $825 on a late dinner upon their arrival, but only $146 went to food. The rest of the bill included eight bottles of wine, eight glasses of wine, one whisky sour and nine bottles of sparkling and flat water.


"There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from doing off-site work, problem is this organization seems like it does it all the time," he said. "And it doesn't do it on the cheap ... They have such an ongoing demonstration of disregard for the spending of taxpayers' money that it is easy to get frustrated with this type of spending."


Documents show CBC's senior executives returned to lavish retreats in the Laurentians and Mont Tremblant in 2007. Expense claims for the luxurious Chateau Beauvallon came to $7,123.29, excluding the undisclosed cost of a limousine ride from Ottawa to Mont Tremblant.

Who the hell do these people think they are, the pampered neo-Communist Politburo elite?

Fire. Them. All.

And take the fascist, bigoted, intolerant, unconstitutional, criminalistic "Canadian Human Rights" Commission down with them.

Just give 'em each a bottle of cheap Russian vodka and give the whole crapload of 'em the bum's rush out the door!