Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dhalla NannyGate A Conspiracy?
NannyGate darling Ruby Dhalla, with hand held up by former Liberal leader Stephane "Do Over" Dion. Whoa! Look behind Ruby... could it be... a Liberal Sarah Palin impersonator? This whole scandal, what with all the Liberal theories of conspiracies abounding, just keeps getting weirder and weirder, doesn't it?

Below: Michael Ignatieff: A dream fading away?

Yeah, right.
That's what Ruby and her Liberal cronies want us to think.

"I don't know what conspiracy this would be, between the Conservative party, the NDP, three Filipino nannies and the Toronto Star? I can hear the black helicopters hovering overhead. I think it's unfortunate and undermines credibility when people start talking about conspiracy theories."

That was Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney commenting on wild accusations lately thrown about by Liberals desperate to divert attention from themselves.

Funny how the Liberals are now knowingly, desperately sprouting wild conspiracy theories about Conservatives out to get them.

It's funny since Liberals are always accusing Conservatives of doing the same, all the time. Well, we're no conspiracy theorists, but now the Liberals certainly are, and blatantly so. It's almost hilarious.

ht: Maz2