Monday, May 11, 2009

Special, Lawbreaking Folks Get Big Media Coverage

When a million ordinary, cross-partisan, cross-ideological American citizens nationwide peacefully, lawfully, unobtrusively protest the policies and behavior of the U.S. government, they get ignored and then insulted by the Press with vile, vulgar, homoerotic smears.

But when a special class of people unlawfully assemble, disrupting public services without permission, and support terrorists and murderers, they get favorable Press coverage.

What he hell is wrong with the Press?

They could've at least called the outlaw protestors "teabaggers" and ideological extremists and so on and so forth, too.

Guess you need to belong to a special group and break the law in order to get the respect of the Press...

Tamil protesters shut down a Toronto highway and a major intersection as they demanded to meet with an official from Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office.

What, no insults from the Press?

Hundreds of people, including women with babies in strollers, sat down on the Gardiner Expressway linking arms chanting "No More Genocide" while hundreds more brought traffic to a halt uptown in front of the Ontario legislature.

Just hundreds. The American Tea Party protestors were a million strong.

And the Tea Partygoers had women and children with them, too. Still, they got insulted and belittled. Not so the special terrorist-supporters.

the protest dragged late into the night

"I'm very concerned about the safety of children, I think it's an extremely dangerous situation to put children on the front line of a protest in that way, I think it puts them at tremendous risk."
Look! The Tamil terrorist-supporting adults deliberately used the children as HUMAN SHIELDS!

The grownup special protestors would risk the lives of the children to call the terrorist-fighting Sri Lankan government "genocidal". What kind of people are these, then? Certainly not as nice and caring as the Tea Party protestors in America.

These Tamil terrorist-supporting protestors are stupid, subversive, child-endangering criminal teabaggers! Come on, Big, Politically-Correct Media, prove yourself worthy of an audience, and be consistent in your obvious hatred of protestors! Or at least when the next Tea Parties come to protest Barack Hussein Obama's unlawful, unconstitutional oppression and tyranny against the American People, then treat those protestors with fairness and respect and just report the facts!

They get let off the hook by police and the politicians who control them, just as the racial-supremacist Aboriginal terrorists at Caledonia have been getting away with their illegal occupation of non-Aboriginal land for, what's it been now, three years running?