Sunday, May 10, 2009

Featured Comment

Ruby Dhalla and Judy Sgro, NannyGate and StripperGate, respectively, Liberal scandal darlings, under a Paul Martin sign. They're still there, under Leader-Coronate Michael Ignatieff, below, with the same ladies. Ignatieff, at time of posting, is nowhere to be found, apparently hiding under a couch somewhere, safe from the Press, hoping the whole thing will blow over. I guess Ignatieff can't handle the heat after all. Back to the lecture theatre for him, I guess... just like Stephane Dion.


Via email, reader Orville H. says of the Dhalla NannyGate affair:

Ruby, in a prepared statement states that "transparency and accountability for a public servant" is a inviolate decree which guides her life as a member of parliament.

In a press conference which turns into a complete sham and a burlesque worthy only of Ruby Dhalla she refuses to answer a single question from the media so within minutes her transparency and accountability are abandoned principles.

I suspect it is her inherent desire to be in the spot light and the klieg lights, that guided her decision, that rather than issue a press release of her statement, she would call a press conference and insulted the members of the media who gathered, because they thought she was prepared to provide some answers.