Sunday, September 06, 2009

Saudis: US Can't Survive W/O Our Oil

Story here.

Of course, as long as the Left has its way, ie. refusing to let America drill for, produce and refine more and more and more of its own domestic oil resources, then America certainly will continue to be dependent on Saudi Arabia, an Islamic fascist regime who promotes Islamic supremacism and imperialism. And on other countries who, unlike Leftist-strangled America, have complete freedom to drill for, produce and refine all the oil they need.

And I actually agree with the Saudis' pointing out that there's no technology that's been proven to be great enough to replace oil as a source of energy. Wind and solar power, for example, have proven woefully inadequate, expensive, etc.

And there's no way in hell Americans will tolerate the state imposing draconian curbs of any kind on energy usage. No way in hell. Quite simply, after all, the American economy requires energy usage, period, so to drastically curtail energy usage in America would devastate the American economy. And the likes of China and Russia won't have to worry about that, because they're not going to worry about carbon emissions or conservation. This puts America at a great disadvantage, and that's precisely what the Left wants, for the Left hates America's success and dominance in the world!