Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Obama's Racist Czar Attacks 'White Polluters'

Video here.

Yep. The guy's a racist. He's obviously prejudiced against white folks. Seems to think that only whites pollute. Wow!

Oh, and he's a conspiracy theorist, too. A fringe-element wacko. A crank. Hell, might as well also call him a teabagger while I'm at it.

And they say reasonable, concerned people who simply want to see Obama's real birth certificate released for public viewing so as to be assured he was, as required in the Constitution to be President, born on American soil... are what?

Anyway, the guy's still in a powerful, unaccountable position within the Obama-Democrat Socialist Fascist Regime. Why?

And why is the Big Media so uncurious, so uninterested that this powerful man in the Administration is a racist conspiracy theorist as well as a militant communist revolutionary? Are the Big Media, then, part of the whole plot/agenda? Are they the Regime's propaganda arm? Are they contributing to whatever dangers may be in store for America, thanks to the agenda of the Regime?

Oh, and he also called Republicans what?

I say the guy's projecting his own faults onto others.

By the way, Glenn Beck was right to say Obama's a racist. After all, Obama wanted Van Jones as a czar in the Regime, and still does, fully aware, obviously, of the guy's racist views. And who can forget the undeniable fact that Obama happily listened to twenty years' worth of racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American hatemongering in that so-called "church" with the so-called "Reverend" Jeremy Wright?

Advertisers who listened to Van Jones' own creation, the racist, communist, militantly revolutionary propaganda organization, "Color of Change", telling lies about Glenn Beck and who boycotted the show, I hope you're paying attention!

ht: Drudge Report