Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Liberals' Next Election Slogan

"We can do better".

ht: NNW

Yeah, sure they can. Anyone can.

But they won't.

We know the Liberals. They won't do better. They're not the kind to "do better". That's not what they're about at all. We know what they're about. Power, and money... for themselves.

They never do better.

They had thirteen years to do better, and they didn't.

That's why Canadians dumped them and put the Conservatives into power. Twice in a row.

And the Conservatives have been doing better than the Liberals.

So the Liberals saying "we can do better", that's just playing copycat of American-style election slogans.

American-style. How Ignatieff, eh? He has, after all, declared himself an American, despite not being a citizen.

Next thing you know, the Liberals will be launching American-style attack ads against the Conservatives.

The Liberals, who claim to be anti-American.

Well, at least Ignatieff's not anti-American, even if the Liberal Party is. In fact, American Republicans love Ignatieff and want him to be Prime Minister, which is no wonder, as Ignatieff strongly praised Bush and defended the Iraq war.

Wonder if he'd be leader of the Liberals today if he had had to run in a proper campaign and be elected, rather than being appointed by the Ivory Tower Party Elites? Would Liberal members really vote for a guy who was so pro-Bush, pro-Iraq war, pro-torture, etc...? Oh, well, those Liberals can practice their doublethinking to justify supporting Ignatieff...