Friday, September 04, 2009

'It's Not America' Obamite Officer In Hot Water

TCS Flashback: Officer Bumcheeks.


A school security officer in Virginia who told a protester opposing President Obama's health-care plan that America is "no more" remains employed, but is now under investigation because of his statements, according to his school district.

"I have to say, I've seen the video. We do not condone what the officer did say," Paul Regnier, the coordinator of communications and community relations for Fairfax County Public Schools told WND today.

"I feel sorry for Officer Cheeks. He, like many African-Americans are being played by the racist Obama administration. Wake up people. They used to want you only for your votes, but now with the huge Hispanic illegals pouring in they won't even need you for that," the video source said.


"If it had been a Sarah Palin rally and the cop had been white, he would be on his way to federal prison for civil rights violation," said a YouTube forum participant.

It's clear that Officer Bumcheeks was also acting outside the scope of his authority:

(...) whatever sign rules the school normally would impose would not have been in effect since the facility had been rented for the congressman's meeting.