Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ignatieff Would Lead Disastrous Campaign For Liberals

Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Leader: He, like his fellow destructive, hard-left comrade Obama, is a joke(r).

Really. You just need to look past the laughable rhetoric and instantly-spotted lies about the Tories being uttered by Iggy and his Librano cronies.

The National Post doesn't see any value in an election at this time for the Liberals. And they're right, as they see it the same way I, and likely millions of other voters, do.

Mr. Ignatieff must convince undecided voters that the culmination of his dizzying rise is justified by the urgency of the situation. Unfortunately for him, we have now learned that the recession was horrifyingly sharp, but short, and is now essentially over. The outlook for the third and fourth quarters of the year is, under the circumstances, excellent. Economists now merely seem to be arguing over whether the recession ended in May or June. The stimulus has done its work -- even if most of the spending has not happened yet, it has still served to increase consumer, investor and entrepreneur confidence -- and so have the automatic "escalators" built into our social safety net. Mr. Ignatieff could not have possibly picked a worse time to make complaints about Tory management of a foul-weather economy.

This leaves him to run on a cobbled-together platform of super-lavish '70s-style Employment Insurance, complaints about some undetected incompetents in the High Commissioner's office in Kenya, mawkishness about our long-moribund nuclear medicine industry and lord knows what else. He had better hope it all sounds convincing, because he has set himself a very high standard. At this early date it is not enough for him to show that Liberal government would be better; he has to prove that Conservative government has been so disastrous that it cannot be allowed to exist for another moment.

Indeed, the grand claims the Liberals and Iggy have been making need to be substantiated, which they haven't (and most of the Big Media haven't really been calling them on it, not surprisingly). They've got a helluva task before them, in terms of justifying their lies. It's not going to help them to simply say that the Harper Tories are horrible, horrible, horrible, especially when compared to the Liberals' and Iggy's American comrades, the Obama-Democrat Regime, who are obviously themselves beyond horrible already, as demonstrated in the polls, which show a twenty-point decline in approval for Obama and an already-approaching-zero approval rating for the Democrats.

But if Iggy and the Libbies want to have an election now, well, it's their funeral.

And we Conservatives and right-thinking voters won't let them get away with their lies and demonizations, which is pretty much all they've got going for them. Even the demonic, hateful, sonofabitchin' Warren Kinsella won't be able to save them from hell, where they're following him, riding on his great big vehicle of nothing but crap.

And, yep, I'll be here to call 'em on their outrageous accusations/lies, demanding they back 'em up, and calling 'em what they deserve to be called when they fail to do so.

By the way, if Canadians end up being stupid in sufficient numbers, they'll be getting both Iggy and his, uh, "buddy" Bob Rae, remember him- the guy who drove Ontario deeply into the red and threw lots of folks out of work? Check out the happy couple below, in their kitchen, and looking like they're about to ask the photographer to leave the room. Oh, no- Iggy's already puckering up, unable to control himself... time to get out of there before you start feeling sick...