Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Got To Call Those Liberals On That

Ignatieff's saying that a Liberal government led by him would eliminate the deficit without raising taxes.

Ah. Another flipflop.

We remember that he already is on record as saying, "We will have to raise taxes".

Gotta call Iggy on that.

How would they do it? More specifically, what would they axe? Health care (again)? The Canadian Forces (again)? The CSIS (again)? What else? Of course, they'd have to forget about their promised socialized daycare program, as it would cost innumerable billions per year. The list of cuts and cancellations would be very long.

Ah, they say so much stuff, accusing PM Harper and Finance Minister Flaherty of "incompetence", citing only that we've got a deficit, expecting us to make a great leap of illogic from that to "incompetence". Well, I dare them to call Obama "horribly incompetent", for his brobdingnagian, America-breaking deficit. Hell, they better call the leaders of ALL nations in the world "incompetent" for running deficits in the recession. Besides, the Liberals themselves demanded the deficit in the first place, threatening to usurp, in a coup, the government if it didn't blow tens of billions of bucks it didn't have. In fact, Ignatieff himself actually indicated that he wanted a second "stimulus" program of tens of billions more! Like, WTF? Either Iggy's lying or he has no memory at all. Do we want a terrible, bold liar or a guy with no memory for Prime Minister?

The Liberals have nothing to throw at the government. Nothing. Everything they've chucked so far is worthless bullshit. All they can do is tell lies and demonize the Harper Tories. Like they always do.

Why an election NOW? WHY?