Monday, September 07, 2009

Beck Celebrates Rout Of Extremist Obama 'Czar', Says More To Come

Glenn Beck, right, with fellow patriotic American

Story here. Emphasis mine.

Of course he's wildly popular. Duh!

He's standing up to the Bully Machine of the Obama-Democrat Regime and telling the inconvenient truth about the people who comprise that scary, extreme bunch.

He's fearless. The stormtroopers won't intimidate him.

“The American people stood up and demanded answers," Beck wrote in a statement. “Instead of providing them, the Administration had Jones resign under cover of darkness. I continue to be amazed by the power of everyday Americans to initiate change in our government through honest questioning, and judging by the other radicals in the administration, I expect that questioning to continue for the foreseeable future."


“As scary as this may sound… Glenn Beck might actually have more power than anybody else representing the Republican Party,” the Web site Political wrote Sunday. “As the Republican Party seemingly has no leader in their ranks, at least one that can represent the voice of the people. Even though Glenn Beck is an independent, he represents more Republicans than the Republican party.

Hmm. This ought to stand as a serious constructive criticism of the Republican Party, which has been pulling its punches and letting the current Leftist Regime do pretty much whatever it wants, to the consternation of the majority of Americans. If the Republicans hadn't pulled their punches during the last election, they might've won, but they threw in the towel and refused to talk about Obama's extremism and extremist ties and so on and so forth. They allowed the monstrous, obscenely-overfunded, remarkably well-organized-and-loaded-with-zealous-pawns Leftist Attack Machine to batter them into a TKO. Why? One must demand! Who are those folks controlling and directing the GOP now? Are they double agents? Indeed, that would be one of the Left's tactics for winning, to have their own people on the inside of the GOP, sabotaging it at every opportunity.

“The resignation of Van Jones signals that Glenn Beck’s words do not fall on deaf ears. The view’s of Glenn Beck have been labeled “extreme” from just about everyone on the left. Van Jones views are arguably just as extreme, if not more so,” (...)

Now, really... I'd hardly call Beck's words "extreme", as he's simply telling it like it actually is. Sheesh... since when has telling the truth and rendering frank, reasonable opinion thereupon been "extreme"? I suppose it's "extreme" in the current climate of political correctness fascism. That's why I've been labelled "extreme", too, for my defiance in the face of political correctness fascism and even worse. So I take "extreme" as a compliment, considering the source of the labelling, the Lying, Hypocritical Left.

In the Free World, after all, it's critically important to exercise your freedoms, precisely for the very reason that you need to do so in order to KEEP them and to prevent radical, revolutionary, socialist, totalitarian folks like Obama et al from taking them away.

There remains over thirty other "czars", some of whom I've found to be scary extremists as well. They'll have to be exposed. Since the semi-official Big Media won't do anything to hurt their masters, it's up to folks like Glenn Beck to do the job. Oh, yeah, and I'll cover it, too. The more folks who talk about it, the better.

And the lesson Glenn Beck has taught us?

Don't be afraid to tell the People the scary, inconvenient truth about the Left and the people who run it. The People want to know, after all, so they can make proper voting decisions and not end up putting dangerous extremists into power for lack of full disclosure.

The popularity of Glenn Beck is proof that the People want the Leftists to be outed, to be exposed to the sunlight. Everything must be exposed, because, hey, we're talking about entrusting people with the levers of power, so it's critically important to know everything about the content of their character, their ideological orientation, etc.

And, yes, even Obama has yet to be properly exposed, believe it or not. There's so much important content-of-character and ideological orientation stuff that Americans don't know about him that's frightening, to say the least. I hope Beck will talk about the stuff that makes those in the know call Obama a "scary, dangerous man". Americans must know that Obama and others in the Regime are a threat to America and must be removed at the earliest opportunity, which, unfortunately, comes in late 2010. But, in the meantime, as we've seen, pressure can be applied via telling the truth about these scary revolutionaries who are, as we speak, furiously trying to rip America apart and maybe put it back together again somehow. Pressure can make it impossible for them to succeed in their agenda of turning America into a socialist-fascist regime.