Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Quickie Headlines

Obama Shortlister for SCOTUS Believes Constitution "Evolves With Times"

Doesn't surprise me that a Left-Wing Extremist is on the shortlist for appointment to the vacancy on the Supreme Court. A judge who finds the Constitution inconvenient, just like Obama and the rest of the Extreme Left.

Hillary's $900 Million Gift to "Palestine" Will Help Promote Hatred, Terrorism: Panel

“In 2007, then-Sen. Hillary Clinton described the PA education system as, quote, ‘the most horrific child abuse,’” Crook said. “So why is the United States about to give another $900 million to the Palestinian Authority when it’s absolutely clear that the PA has failed in the past and continues to fail to meet a single condition attached to this funding?”

Obama Regime Jails Teen Homeschooler Under Patriot Act

Shades of Hitler's Third Reich.

A 16-year-old homeschooled boy from North Carolina was taken away from his home in handcuffs two months ago and has been held by the FBI in Indiana ever since, a victim, his mother claims, of the Patriot Act spun out of control.

Michael Savage Joins Geert Wilders in Being Banned From Dhimmi Britain

He's no George Galloway. Funny how Galloway gets to be a British MP but the British Regime won't tolerate moderate Americans speaking out against Extreme Islam! At least Canada is right to ban Galloway because Galloway materially supported terrorism.

"I want to sue the British home secretary for defamation," he said, "for linking me up with murderers because of my opinions, my writings, my speaking – none of which have advocated any violence, ever."


Said Savage, "How can a nation put me on a list and leave hate preachers in England who say that we're going to kill all of you? We're going to convert all of you to Islam. How is it possible that those hate preachers can't be deported from Britain, but I can be banned from Britain? People who advocate actual murder cannot be deported from Britain.

"How is it that liberalism has gotten so distorted and cowardly?"

Majority of Israeli Jews Back Strike on Iran

And I agree with them.