Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Colin Powell Part Of Leftist Propaganda Campaign Against GOP

Colin Powell disses Republican Party & Rush Limbaugh

"Americans do want to pay taxes for services," he said. "Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less."

-Colin Powell

Apparently Colin Powell is a delusional, propaganda-running Left-Wing Extremist. Whether this is a new thing for him in which he's having a debilitating, long-running brainfart or has always been one, is a question for another day.

I've, for quite some time now, been witnessing incessant, blitz-type, Big Media reporting in which Left-Wing Extremists like Powell have been defaming the Republican party as "Extreme Right-Wing".

Witness now Powell arrogantly, wrongly lecturing that the GOP must "go to the center" because "America has changed".

Oh, come on, Colin... gimme a break! Do you expect me to be fooled by that blatant Soros-Obamite propaganda?

You're saying that Americans are now "centrist"? What proof have you? Why just claim it?

Typical Left-Wing Extremist.

If the GOP is shrinking, it's because it's been centrist-leftist for too long and has failed to listen to its core constituency, not because leftists/"centrists" have been leaving it. The GOP has been taken over by leftists and has abandoned conservative Americans, who comprise a far greater proportion of the American population than the Big Media wants us to know.

I'd point out to Colin that Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are so astonishingly popular with the American People (though not with the brainless Left, or what you call the "center") that it's rather daft to dismiss them as "extreme" or whatever, as then you'll be dismissing their audience as "extreme" as well. And to do so is arrogant and doesn't make Colin look good. It makes one believe that Colin Powell is just another Hard-Left propagandist spending his political and social-credibility capital for the advantage of the Soros-Obama Regime.

Powell calls Sarah Palin "polarizing".

But, hey, what about Obama? He's extremely polarizing himself. Therefore, shouldn't you, Colin, according to your logic that "polarizing" people shouldn't be President, then demand Obama resign, because he's "polarizing"? Why is it ok for Obama to be supported only by the Far Left and not by average (what the Far Left calls "right-wing") Americans, but not for Sarah Palin to be supported by average "right-wing" Americans and not the Far Left? Why must we average "right-wing" folks change to make the Far Left happy? The sheer, unmitigated arrogance! Shame on you, Mr. Powell!

Further, it's a Big Lie that the GOP has been "bowing to the right". Conservatives everywhere complain that the GOP actually bows to the LEFT! So where does Powell get off with this obvious, blatant falsehood?

who does he think he's fooling? We know that the GOP is most definitely NOT "right" anymore, so to move to the "center" from, well, the "center", really means to become Leftist, like the Democrats, who want everyone to become Leftist so their extremist, socialist agenda can more easily be imposed. Well, if this happens, then we'll end up with nothing more than a de-facto one-party ueber-ideological Far-Left socialist dictatorship, in which the two fake "opposing" parties trade places every now and then in elections.

Sheesh! I used to respect Colin Powell. However, now that he's taken off his rational-person mask, I see nothing but a Left-Wing Extremist, Obama-worshipping propaganda-runner.

The Republicans actually need to go back to the "Right" because that's the only way they can save America from the Far Left.

Guess what? The "Right" is good, not bad. The "Right" built America. The "Right" gave us our freedoms. The values of the "Right" are actually the values of average, ordinary Americans. The Left wants to make us believe that we're the odd man out, the only one in the world who "thinks that awful, scary, mean-spirited way", so they use their Big-Media bullhorn to scream that Big Lie. And the Left wants to take it all away and replace it with, what, the likes of what we see in Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, etc...
Well, we don't want to live under socialist tyranny and oppression!

And Limbaugh and Coulter et al are doing an excellent job of dissenting from the Soros-Obama Party Line. We need high-profile, popular dissenters to hold the Far-Left Soros-Obama Regime's feet to the fire, to try to slow down their radical, extreme march towards socialism and totalitarianism, to expose the inconvenient truth about the Regime to the American People so that they won't have to suffer the inhuman indignity of only having a Far-Left propaganda media from which to get their "information" and "opinion".

The Extreme Left, of which Colin Powell is a member, wants to Leftify the GOP and shut up folks like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage... and, of course, folks like myself and you, my friend. Oh, yes, that's right: The Extreme Left hates anyone who's not a Left-Wing Extremist, so they say such bullshit about us to try to intimidate and defame us, to foment and stir up brainless hatred and contempt against us.

The other day I saw a report such that old singer Tony Bennett incredibly said we should support everything Obama does. Now I see Colin Powell being Obama's Goebbels. Apparently the international neo-Communists have recruited these, and other, folks...

But guess what, my fellow Regular, Mainstream Folks?

We will NOT submit to Big-Lies propaganda and intimidation, nor to tyranny, nor oppression, such as that being imposed by the Soros-Obama Regime and by the Far Left in general.

We will NOT shut up!

We will NOT go away!

We're here to stay! And to boldly, loudly have our say!

Sic semper tyrannis!

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