Monday, May 04, 2009

Quick Headlines

Obama Above The Law

The Extreme Left Comes To The Defence Of The Pirate

-To blame America for attacks on own ships

Billionaire Left-Wing Extremist "Toxic Mortgage" Couple To Help Rescue Extreme Left-Wing Papers

Rather than investigating ACORN last fall, when accusation of voter fraud were being widely revealed, Pro Publica began probing the background of the public affairs group that blew the whistle on ACORN.

Pro Publica also invested resources in investigating Sarah Palin's "pork history" and her connection to the "road to nowhere." There was no similar interest in Barack Obama's ties to Bill Ayers or Rev. Jeremiah Wright or any other similar controversies during the presidential campaign, notes the center.

Capital Research Center sees Pro Publica as another front in the battle by "progressive" organizations in promoting a left-wing policy agenda through the media – noting on-going efforts to silence talk radio, intimidate dissent through groups like Media Matters and even bail out newspapers.

Extreme Left-Wing Fascists Appointed To Bully Dissenting Talk Radio

To impose "diversity", control talk radio,possibly force them to hire only leftist women, minorities to run them, dilute, silence or render ineffective freedom of dissent

Ancient Singer Tony Bennet Brainlessly Worships Obama, Says Support EVERYTHING He Does

Holy crap- did they brainwash the poor man, or is he just another brainless Left-Wing Extremist?

Arlen Specter Uses Kemp's Passing To Bash Republicans, Accuse Them Of Murder Via "Agenda"

The Extreme Left-Wing idiot is clearly brain-poisoned with all the koolaid they've been making him drink!

China Quarantines Mexicans

If the Extreme Left doesn't make a big stink over that, then does that mean that Canada and America can quarantine Mexicans and other nationals suspected of carrying swine flu? Or would the Extreme Left once again, naturally, apply their infamous Double Standard in which they let the Non-Free World off the hook for everything but will furiously bash and take to court the Free World for trying to protect its citizens from illness and death?

Israel-Hating Obama "Whitewashing" Islamofascist Threat

The consequence, in my view: Israel will soon enough have no choice but to launch a total-destruction campaign against Iran and may have to use nuclear weapons. And that would potentially only be the beginning, as Israel may also have to nuke whomever else foolishly dares attack her in response. And guess whose fault it will be? Obama's.