Monday, May 04, 2009

BOC Head Sees Recovery Starting Later This Year

...and says it will be "in full force" in 2010.

"The prospect of [the economy] getting better is there. The policies in place for it to get better are absolutely there," Mr. Carney said in an interview broadcast Sunday on the CBC.

"Part of what is driving recovery in 2010 is policy. It is the fact that monetary policy has been aggressively eased, and secondly there is a big fiscal policy response, not just in Canada but around the world. Those actions are going to start hit later this year, and then really with full force in 2010."


encouraged by some recent key economic indicators, such as an upturn in consumer and business confidence; a stabilized real estate market; and drawdowns in business inventories, which the governor added are happening "quickly" in Canada.

No wonder Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is itching to force an election as soon as possible, as the terrible recession will continue to distort voter perceptions and artificially boosted his party's popularity to equal that of the government. He figures he must move fast before Canadians see the recovery starting faster than expected and naturally crediting the Harper Conservatives for their making it happen.

Ignatieff figures that, therefore, his only chance to become Prime Minister and impose his will, whatver it be (to copy his neo-Communist fascist hero Obama, obviously) upon Canadians... is now or never. No wonder he's making up pure, unfounded, ridiculously vague bullshit defamatory accusations to throw at PM Harper and the Conservative government.

Ignatieff and his people are afraid of the upcoming Conservative ad campaign to tell Canadians the inconvenient truth about Ignatieff which the Big (Liberal-Worshipping) Media won't tell us. They figure that to limit the damage from that ad campaign, they'd better force an election first so as to limit how much the Tories can spend on such advertising. As by law currently, after all, without an election campaign, there is no spending limit, but with a campaign, there is a limit, and it's quite ridiculously draconian, which will be in the Liberals' favor, because they've received far, far, FAR less in donations from their far, far, FAR fewer members than have the far-more-popular Conservatives.

Here's Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, perhaps visualizing being Prime Minister in just a few short months from now, less than a year after the last election, having forced a new one at the worst point of the economic malaise, taking evil advantage of the misery to steal power based on fear and confusion, so as to then impose what I believe would be little more, little less than a copycat Soros-Obama Regime, with his chief intimidator Kinsella running the bully racket to get folks and businesses to acquiesce to avoid whatever is meant by "significant consequences" for refusing to do as demanded by the Extreme Left-Wing Regime of Ignatieff, a submissive lapdog who wants to march in lockstep with his fuhrer Obama. Next to Ignatieff is his chief intimidator, Warren "Prince of Darkness" Kinsella, who needs no description, for his infamy is well-known enough already:

Ignatieff Is ScaryCatmeat

Expect the Prince of Darkness Piece of Shit from Hell Suspected Kitten Eater, Mr. Kinsella, to pull out all the stops and all the silly stuffed animals from his gym bag, to demonize all Conservatives, stopping at nothing, not even awful, illegal hate crimes against minority groups, to help his boss steal power. Oh, yeah, expect him to also sue everybody who dares speak or write the inconvenient truth about him. He's actually so incredibly, astonishingly stupid enough to have dozens of court cases going at once. He'll lose them all and go bankrupt, but that's ok, for his comrades will bail him out, no doubt.