Monday, May 11, 2009

Proof The Harper Govt Hasn't Bought Al Gore's Big Lies

This is good news.

Good news for the Canadian Taxpayers who don't want their money wasted on disgustingly politicized Big Lies about the end of the world.

The Harper Conservatives, contrary to the fears of many conservatives, has NOT fallen victim to the Big Lies and brainwashing of Al Gore's absurd global-warming-climate-change Scam of the Century.

The global-warming-obsessed "scientists" who protest too much don't want to trust reasonable people who demand proof as opposed to Big Lies and intimidation.

What kind of scientists consider critics and skeptics to be "political"?

Ah, of course. Scientists who get aroused at the prospect of having easy, other peoples' money fall into their fat laps.

What about the scientists of the IPCC who are onside with Al Gore's Big Scam? Look, the ones who are onside with the Party Line stand to gain financially for their acquiescence and submission to the Big Lies. They stand to benefit career-wise. Therefore they must be suspect, not the rational, real-world-observant, proof-demanding skeptics and critics who point out very factually that no case has been made and that the real-world evidence debunks the Big Lies promulgated by Al Gore and the Global Warmists.

Prime Minister Harper is right to help to, in a small-but-meaningful-and-symbolic way, slightly correct the gross imbalance between the two sides by including rational, truly-open-minded "prove-it-to-me-first" skeptics to boards that fund science. Rational people are better choices for gatekeepers of tax dollars than are greedlustful nutcases masquerading as "scientists" who worship the sacred ground Al Gore treads upon. Just having a degree that suggests that one may be a scientist, but not guaranteeing it, is no good. One must actually BE a scientist rather than a faker who really just wants money. And a real scientist is a skeptic, not a believer of Big Lies.

After all, the Canadian Taxpayers don't want their money wasted on Big Lies and scams like that, promoted by the likes of the ueber-political greedluster Al Gore.

ht: National Newswatch