Friday, May 08, 2009

Powerful, Wealthy 'Gay' Activists Behind SSM Push In New England: Traditional Marriage Activist

Story here.

"They've overreached in Maine," said Brian Brown, executive director at the National Organization for Marriage.


Brown describes the barrage of legislation as the work of "gay" millionaire activists and says you have to "follow the money" to understand why even lawmakers who have previously expressed opposition to same-sex marriage are now onboard.

"It's clear that there's been a long-term plan in place by proponents of same-sex marriage to focus on New England and the Northeast in general.

"And what that means is, they've pumped a lot of out-of-state money into state elections, electing legislators who aren't representing their constituents."

The SSM Extremists are CHEATING.

Not a good strategy for winning referenda. The People don't normally side with those who have been cheating and winning unfairly by extremely overinfluencing politicians.