Friday, May 08, 2009

Lesbians, Atheists Direct Hatred, Intolerance At Boy Scouts

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With work ramping up in Washington on a "hate crimes" bill that would create special rights for homosexuals, a case that addresses a related issue – claims by same-sex couples they have the right not to be "offended" by "straight' morality – has been presented to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The case involves a series of projects by the Boy Scouts of America in San Diego. The private organization has provided millions of dollars in improvements to public facilities in exchange for their use but faces being banned because homosexuals and lesbians who never even were exposed to the work claimed their feelings were hurt.


"Lesbian and agnostic couples who had never visited the facilities sued the Scouts on a claim that they felt offended by the fact that the city leases the public property to a 'morally straight' organization such as the Boy Scouts," the public interest legal groups said. "There were no religious symbols at the facilities."


A three-judge panel at the 9th Circuit dismissed the complaint filed by the team of agnostics and lesbians, determining the individuals lacked standing to sue because "offended observers" have sustained no injury.
You read that? The infamously Left-Wing Extremist judicial-activist/social-reengineering Ninth Circuit dismissed the complaint. That should send the hateful extremists, those mean-spirited, hateful lezzies and faithless bigots, the message that they're simply wrong, that they have no case!

These Lesbos and agnosts sound a lot like Canada's militant left-wing extremist Richard Warman, who has made a lot of money launching "Human Rights" complaints, on behalf of special phantom people, against people he hates, even though neither he, nor anyone else, were affected by anything which he claimed was "offensive".

Clearly, they want to hurt the Boy Scouts, as the Boy Scouts have values which the Leftists hate, and want to hurt them for having. Therefore it's hateful, discriminatory and hurtful of these nasty, bigoted Lesbos and agnosts to be doing this. Who do they think they are? The Boy Scouts aren't bothering anyone, aren't hurting anyone, by simply being who they are and being located where they pay to improve the facilities.

The more those sexually crooked folks and godless idiots attack people of faith (JudeoChristians, that is; they certainly will NEVER attack Muslims... wonder why!), the more they make all sexually crooked folks and godless idiots look bad to the mainstream majority, who's just now starting to awaken as to the hatefulness and harmfulness of such extremist bigots.

Well, the hateful, Left-Wing Extremist bigots, those awful haters, they're being fought in court. They won't have an easy time of pushing their Left-Wing Extremist social-reengineering activism.

Why is it that people who don't have any faith and who have strange, "non-straight", offensive forms of "sex" and relationships get to bully those who have God-based values and morals and live "straight" lifestyles, wereas the latter don't get to bully the former in the same way, because the former is supposedly protected by the Constitution, whereas, incredibly, the latter isn't (but, in fact, actually is)?

I smell a puppetmaster. Something stinks behind the curtain. Hmm... Obama must be taking a nap or something, allowing his puppetmaster to focus on hateful sexual extremists and godless bigots to spread hatred and contempt and harm to faithful, moral, own-business-minding, law-abiding Americans, while hiding behind virtual, dishonest, deceptive masks and hoods.

The Boy Scouts haven't done anything wrong.

What did they do?

All they did was be themselves, exercise their rights, and enter into agreements with the municipal government. How is that hurting anyone, especially anyone who never even went near the facilities? It's impossible. Only militant extremists and the stark raving mad would possibly be offended!

See? It's nothing but hatred and intolerance coming from militantly-extremist, hateful, supremacistic homosexuals and atheists. Left-Wing Extremists. Barack Obama's own people. Brownshirted bullies.

Since the election of Obama on false pretenses and based on cheating, massive spending, propaganda blitzing via the Big Media which is controlled by the Extreme Left, lies and vague, unspecific, incessantly repeated slogans, the Extreme Left has been burning rubber at redline, slowly gaining traction... Definitely America has opened the gates of Hades and unleashed so much that's awful!

Stop the hate! Protect your rights from those hateful extremists who want to take them away!

Don't submit... arm yourself with lawyers and go to the court battlefront and vanquish the invaders!

Enlist the aid of the New Newsmedia, who are on your side, unlike the brainless, uncaring, uncompassionate, bigoted, Left-Wing Extremist Big Media!

Live and let live? Guess that doesn't apply to hateful Left-Wing Extremists!

People are losing sympathy for those extremists on the Far Left. No more fooling us. Enough!