Monday, March 08, 2010

US Mosques' Custodian Says Kill Americans

 That's the infamous "Islamic Rage Boy", poster child for the following...

Peaceful Muslims, eh...

"No political system or material power should put hindrances in the way of preaching Islam. If someone does this, then it is the duty of Islam to fight him until either he is killed or until he declares his submission," asserts an Islamic publication distributed by the North American Islamic Trust.

NAIT holds title to more than 300 mosques in America – including the large Islamic center outside Washington where the Fort Hood terrorist and some of the 9/11 hijackers worshipped.

NAIT also owns and controls the mosque in Orange County, Calif., that converted al-Qaida spokesman Adam Gadahn to Islam. 
There's more.  Oh, yes... there sure is.

 Like, for example...
Chicago-based NAIT also handles the finances for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Students Association, and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups, which, shockingly, make up the Muslim establishment in America, according to the new book, "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America."
Damn... y'know, if it was a "white supremacist" organization instead, everyone would be hearing about it all day long.  But since it's Muslims saying "kill people", it's all "nothing to see here, you Islamophobe!".  Yep, there's the double standard, the dhimmitude, again.

Shout-out to Janet Napolitano:  Issue nationwide advisory to all law enforcement to look out for Islamic Supremacists like those belonging to the hate group NAIT.  They're potential terrorists, potential murderers, after all.  No denying it!

But the dhimmitude, the "nothing to see here- move along" attitude will continue.  And therein lies the danger.  One day, as Americans awoke to socialism under the Obamacrats, they'll awaken to Islam, to Sharia Law, etc...  Watch out!

See how stupid they are to rail on instead about "right-wing extremists"?  Like, show us all these many, many people there's supposed to be out there.  Where are they?  I don't see any.
We already see the real threat, ie. from Islamic Supremacists, and we're not impressed with the horseshit "the righties are coming!" propaganda coming out of the clown-run DHS instead.

Hey, "progressives"!  

Do you want the Islamic Supremacists to impose their views onto you?


Thesauros said...

Click on the video at the following link and watch Mohommad’s followers of “peaceful” islam carrying out his instructions - direct from the Quran.

If you censor comments to your posts, what is it exactly that you’re afraid of?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Who said anything about censoring the truth around here?

I don't censor the truth.

Anonymous said...

In Thesauros' post, the link demonstrates the catastrophe that is Islam through the loss of just one individual. Yet for many just one viewing is compelling. If one were to watch it millions of times with countless faces of men women and children the true nature and scope of this blight might be understood.
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