Thursday, March 04, 2010

Opposition Doesn't Like Throne Speech?

Oh, really?  Big shock.

Well, that's fine.

If they want to do it their way, then, I'm sorry, but they must first be elected government.

Since they aren't, well, perhaps they should consider being less extreme, less radical-fringe-revolutionary and so anti-mainstream.  In other words, they need to quit being so... Obamacratty!  Then maybe they'd stand a chance of election by those who aren't fooled by nonsense propaganda coming from them and from the Media of Mass Deception, of which the CBC, at the link, is a part.

Too bad for the Opposition.  Only the elected government, ie the Harper Conservatives, get to decide the agenda.  Too bad the Opposition doesn't like this.  Too bad they want to overthrow the duly-elected government in an undemocratic coup, just to please their Hard-Leftwingnutcase overlords and to be all "me-too" vis-a-vis the wildly-disliked-in-America Obamacrats south of the border.

Besides, hey, I thought the Left believed in being "moderate" as opposed to "extreme".

Well, "moderation" is what's for dinner.  Don't blame the government for your wanting "extreme" stuff... your way.

Sheesh.  They, as told to do so by their handlers and propaganda specialists, called the Harper Conservatives "extreme" whenever they proposed or did anything new or different from what the Left wanted.  But now that they're getting "moderation", well, they don't like it.  Fecking indecisive Opposition sonsabitches!

Besides, the talking points and propaganda, under analysis, themselves have no substance, nothing backing them up.  The Opposition's negative reaction is soooo predictable.  And sooooo dismissable.  Wake me up when they've got something to say that'd impress me, as opposed to mere claims and slogans.  They sound like their Messiah Obama when he was in opposition himself, saying whatever he was told to say to bash Bush and the GOP... and who now, as Mr. Big, is doing the opposite of what he indicated he would!

Besides, the Liberals, NDP and Bloc... the stuff they're saying is almost entirely Hard-Leftwingnutcase bullshit of which I want no part.  They're not even trying to appear sufficiently "moderate", not trying hard enough, even, to bullshit me, not that it'd work anyway.  They're just so blatantly extreme, so blatantly, brainlessly adherent to the "Progressive Agenda".  So, of course they're going to throw their stowed crap at the Throne Speech.

It's a lot easier to lazily throw crap at the Throne than to earn, the hard way, the right to get to decide what its occupier will declare.

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Jen said...

Layton is like Hugo, he feeds the little guy head with milk and honey but when time comes to give it;or vote for the budget they have tons of excuses.
These two men are socialists and socialists want no one not even their little guy to succeed, because Layton and Hugo would feel that they would not be needed anymore to rely on.And that scares socialists alot.
If Layton cared, he would have supported the budgets many times, which in it has items for the 'little guy'.
Watch Layton next time when he goes against the budget.