Friday, March 05, 2010

Note Re Current Posting Frequency

Haven't been posting much this week due to seriously slow internet speed (Bell/Aliant) lately.

It's irritating.  Slow as dial-up, feels even slower.  Takes forever to do everything via the internet for now.

Please stand by.  Will resume posting when the bastards resume providing the service I pay them for!

See?  With competition, there won't be a few big providers treating us like dirt.  The Harper Conservatives are opening the market up to competition, something that's long overdue.  Just as the telephone market was opened up and deregulated, leading to choice and lower prices, so must the internet service market.

Thank you for your patience.


Jen said...

Competition is good it keeps the businesses in tune with reality.

All we need now is an a media competition, this would be something to see and if the new media station does an excellent job; the ratings will go through the roof.

glasnost said...

Does this mean FOX News Channel Canada is in the offing?

Anonymous said...

This Chinese post said..
From: "Love the Backstreet boys."

Statement: "First visit ~ Ann"

Obviously, Chinese intelligence has found you. This explains your slow service. Or ....

Ladies and gentlemen: The Chinese have seized the Canadian Sentinel. This explains why he has stopped posting. Do not be fooled. The slow internet is a clever disguise to mollify us while the Sentinel is "reeducated."
Note the first capital letters of his last post.. H I P S.. Hipsters! The Chinese hipsters are coming! Millions of them, moving in rhythmic steps to the Backstreet Boys. Oh the humanity!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Nah. It's a problem that's the fault of the assholes who run Bell WiMax. I'm trying to find out what they hell they're up to... Bastards... didn't give a heads-up, and didn't issue any explanation.

Competition will teach the bastards a lesson, ie. you don't feck the customer!

Anonymous said...

CS - I don't know about Bell, but with Rogers, whenever the internet slows down, there is a button on a little box they provide to disconnect and wait for a minute before reconnecting and it works every time.
If you have been provided with that tool, then try disconnect/reconnect. Might work.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Unfortunately, rebooting by unplugging and then replugging, which is the same thing, doesn't make any difference.

Used to have Rogers, and their customer service wasn't any better.

Still looking into it.

Canuckguy said...

Well I was blaming Rogers for the recent slow internet but I also suspected something else. As it turned out, my computer got overloaded with spyware and once I got an anti-spyware program, things went back to normal good speed.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I had to do a different kind of virus/spyware scan than before, and lo and behold, two dozen malware programs. Removed 'em, but then Windows couldn't load again, as it kept saying, "autocheck program not found... skipping autocheck", and then trying to load, only to repeat the same message uselessly, and nothing I could do would make a diff. Feck! So I had to do a total restore to factory-only specs (six years of upgrades and stuff... gone.

Bad luck last week, but good luck is that someone has an open wireless router in the building, so until the WiMax thing is resolved, I'm good to go.

Ah... now installing 59 Windows updates... Many more in the offing, I'm fecking sure...